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enclose /in'klouz/ (inclose) /in'klouz/
  • ngoại động từ
    • vây quanh, rào quanh
    • bỏ kèm theo, gửi kèm theo (trong phong bì với thư...)
    • đóng vào hộp, đóng vào thùng; nhốt vào...
    • bao gồm, chứa đựng
Concise Dictionary
+enclose or enfold completely with or as if with a covering
+close in or confine
+surround completely

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 inclose, confine, shut in, close or hem in, surround, pen, encircle, encompass, bound, envelop, hedge in, wall in, immure, fence in or off, US and Canadian corral:
A high wall encloses the garden.
2 insert, include, contain; wrap:
The cheque was enclosed in the same envelope.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb [VN]
1 [usually passive] ~ sth (in / with sth) to build a wall, fence, etc. around sth: The yard had been enclosed with iron railings. + The land was enclosed in the seventeenth century (= in Britain, when public land was made private property). + (figurative) All translated words should be enclosed in brackets.
2 (especially of a wall, fence, etc.) to surround sth: Low hedges enclosed the flower beds. + She felt his arms enclose her.
3 ~ sth (with sth) to put sth in the same envelope, parcel/package, etc. as sth else: Please return the completed form, enclosing a recent photograph. + Please find enclosed a cheque for £100.
Collocation Dictionary


completely, fully, totally
The garden is fully enclosed.
| partially


The ring is enclosed in a plastic case.

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