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enable /i'neibl/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm cho có thể (làm gì), làm cho có khả năng (làm gì)
    • cho quyền, cho phép (ai) (làm gì)
Concise Dictionary
+render capable or able for some task
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 qualify, authorize, entitle, permit, allow, sanction, approve, empower, license, commission, entrust, depute, delegate, assign, charter, franchise:
An act was passed to enable them to build the railway.
2 capacitate, facilitate, expedite, help, aid, assist:
The grant enabled me to continue my studies.
3 permit, allow, approve, assent to, go along with, agree to, give the go-ahead or green light, Colloq OK or okay:
Her press pass enables her to get through police lines.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 [VN to inf] to make it possible for sb to do sth: The software enables you to access the Internet in seconds. + a new programme to enable older people to study at college
2 to make it possible for sth to happen or exist by creating the necessary conditions: [VN to inf] Insulin enables the body to use and store sugar. + [VN] a new train line to enable easier access to the stadium

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