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emerge /i'mə:dʤ/
  • nội động từ
    • nổi lên, hiện ra, lòi ra
    • (nghĩa bóng) nổi bật lên, rõ nét lên; nổi lên, nảy ra (vấn đề...)
    • thoát khỏi (sự đau khổ)
Concise Dictionary
+come out into view, as from concealment
+come out of
+become known or apparent
+come up to the surface of or rise
+happen or occur as a result of something

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 appear, come out, come forth, come up, rise; arise, surface, come into view or notice, come to light, be revealed, crop up, turn out, develop, become known, become apparent, transpire, happen, evolve:
It emerged that she had bought a pistol that morning.
2 issue, emanate, come forth, proceed:
The train emerged from the tunnel.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 [V] ~ (from sth) to come out of a dark, enclosed or hidden place: The swimmer emerged from the lake. + She finally emerged from her room at noon. + We emerged into bright sunlight. + He emerged from the shadows.
2 (of facts, ideas, etc.) to become known: [V] No new evidence emerged during the investigation. + [V that] It emerged that the company was going to be sold.
3 [V] ~ (as sth) to start to exist; to appear or become known: After the elections opposition groups began to emerge. + He emerged as a key figure in the campaign + the emerging markets of South Asia
4 [V] ~ (from sth) to survive a difficult situation or experience: She emerged from the scandal with her reputation intact.
emergence noun [U]: the island's emergence from the sea 3 000 years ago + the emergence of new technologies / evidence
Collocation Dictionary

1 come out


slowly | suddenly | finally, eventually


The world is only slowly emerging from recession.
| into
They suddenly emerged into brilliant sunshine.
| out of
the musical forms that emerged out of the American black experience

2 become known


clearly, strongly
One thing emerges very clearly from this study.
| gradually | quickly
The answer to the problem quickly emerged.
| recently | later, subsequently
It subsequently emerged that he had known about the deal all along.
| eventually, ultimately
What eventually emerged from the election disaster was a realization that it was time for change.


begin to, start to
Problems with this drug are now beginning to emerge.


Several facts started to emerge from my investigation.

3 start to exist


The Pacific region has rapidly emerged as a leading force on the world stage.
| gradually, slowly


newly emerged/emerging
newly emerging areas of science

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