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embody /im'bɔdi/
  • ngoại động từ ((từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) (cũng) imbody)
    • là hiện thân của
    • biểu hiện
    • gồm, kể cả
Concise Dictionary
+represent in bodily form
+represent, as of a character on stage
+represent or express something abstract in tangible form

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 concretize, realize, manifest, express, personify, materialize, reify, actualize, externalize, incarnate:
Her feminist convictions are embodied in her lifestyle.
2 exemplify, typify, represent, symbolize, stand for:
Note how this painting embodies Longchamp's unique notions of form.
3 consolidate, collect, unite, unify, incorporate, include, integrate, combine, concentrate, systematize, organize, comprise, codify, epitomize, synthesize:
The teachings of the sect are embodied in their scriptures.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb (embodies, embodying, embodied, embodied) [VN]
1 to express or represent an idea or a quality: a politician who embodied the hopes of black youth + the principles embodied in the Declaration of Human Rights
2 (formal) to include or contain sth: This model embodies many new features.

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