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eliminate /i'limineit/
  • ngoại động từ
    • loại ra, loại trừ
    • (sinh vật học) bài tiết
    • lờ đi (một phần của vấn đề)
    • (toán học) khử
    • rút ra (yếu tố...)
Concise Dictionary
+terminate or take out
+do away with
+kill in large numbers
+dismiss from consideration or a contest
+eliminate from the body
+remove from a contest or race
+remove (an unknown variable) from two or more equations

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 remove, exclude, rule out, reject, drop, leave out, omit:
Police have eliminated him from their enquiries.
2 take out or away, omit, get rid of, dispose of, expel, knock out:
He was eliminated in the first heat of the 100-metre run.
3 erase, eradicate, expunge, obliterate, strike (out), cross out or off, cut (out), excise, delete, throw out, edit (out), blue-pencil, cancel:
The censors have eliminated all references to sex.
4 kill, murder, assassinate, slay, terminate, exterminate, dispose of, liquidate, finish off, annihilate, stamp out, destroy, Slang bump off, polish off, US rub out, take for a ride, bury, ice, waste:
They used a sub-machine gun to eliminate the competition.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 [VN] ~ sth/sb (from sth) to remove or get rid of sth/sb: Credit cards eliminate the need to carry a lot of cash. + The police have eliminated two suspects from their investigation. + This diet claims to eliminate toxins from the body.
2 [VN] ~ sb (from sth) [usually passive] to defeat a person or a team so that they no longer take part in a competition, etc: All the English teams were eliminated in the early stages of the competition. + She was eliminated from the tournament in the first round.
3 [VN] (written) to kill sb, especially an enemy or opponent: Most of the regime's left-wing opponents were eliminated.
elimination noun [U, C]: the elimination of disease / poverty / crime + There were three eliminations in the first round of the competition. + the elimination of toxins from the body
Collocation Dictionary


altogether, completely, entirely, totally
The risk cannot be eliminated altogether. This procedure does not completely eliminate the possibility of an accident.
| virtually | largely | effectively
Getting this job has effectively eliminated his financial worries.


seek to, take steps to, try to | help (to) | be designed to
The single market is designed to eliminate barriers to the free movement of goods, services and people.
| be impossible to


Try to eliminate fatty foods from your diet.

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