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elementary /,eli'mentəri/
  • danh từ
    • cơ bản, sơ yếu
    • (hoá học) không phân tách được
    • elementary school
      • trường cấp hai
Concise Dictionary
+easy and not involved or complicated
+of or being the essential or basic part

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 simple, rudimentary, easy, straightforward, uncomplicated, clear, understandable, plain:
This is an elementary mistake which most beginners make.
2 basic, fundamental, primary, introductory, initial, beginning; elemental:
She received her elementary education in France.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 in or connected with the first stages of a course of study: an elementary English course + a book for elementary students + at an elementary level
2 of the most basic kind: the elementary laws of economics + an elementary mistake
3 very simple and easy: elementary questions

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