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either /'aiðə,(Mỹ)'i:ðə/
  • tính từ
    • mỗi (trong hai), một (trong hai)
    • cả hai
      • on either side: ở mỗi bên, ở một trong hai bên; cả hai bên
  • danh từ
    • mỗi người (trong hai), mỗi vật (trong hai); một người (trong hai); một vật (trong hai)
    • cả hai (người, vật)
    • liên từ
      • hoặc
        • either... or...: ... hoặc...
        • either come in or go out: hoặc vào hoặc ra
        • either drunk or mad: hoặc là say hoặc là khùng
    • phó từ (dùng với câu hỏi phủ định)
      • cũng phải thế
        • if you don't take it, I shan't either: nếu anh không lấy cái đó thì tôi cũng không lấy
    Concise Dictionary
    +after a negative statement used as an intensive meaning something like `likewise' or `also'
    Advanced English Dictionary
    determiner, pronoun, adverb
    determiner, pronoun
    1 one or the other of two; it does not matter which: You can park on either side of the street. + You can keep one of the photos. Either of them-whichever you like. + There are two types of qualification-either is acceptable. - NEITHER
    2 each of two: The offices on either side were empty. + There's a door at either end of the corridor.
    + adverb
    1 used after negative phrases to state that a feeling or situation is similar to one already mentioned: Pete can't go and I can't either. + (AmE, informal) 'I don't like it.' 'Me either.' (= Neither do I).
    2 used to add extra information to a statement: I know a good Italian restaurant. It's not far from here, either.
    3 (either ...or ...) used to show a choice of two things: Well, I think she's either Russian or Polish. + I'm going to buy either a camera or a CD player with the money. + Either he could not come or he did not want to.
    Compare: OR - NEITHER

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