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educational /,edju:'keiʃənl/
  • tính từ
    • thuộc ngành giáo dục
    • để giáo dục, sư phạm
Concise Dictionary
‚'edʒə'keɪʃnəl /‚edjʊ-
+relating to the process of education
+providing knowledge

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 academic, scholastic, pedagogical, instructional:
This is one of the best educational centres in the world.
2 informative, instructive, enlightening, edifying, eye-opening, revelatory, educative:
A year spent abroad is always educational.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
connected with education; providing education: children with special educational needs + an educational psychologist + an educational visit + educational games / toys (= that teach you sth as well as amusing you) + Watching television can be very educational.
educationally adverb: Children living in inner-city areas may be educationally disadvantaged. + (old-fashioned) educationally subnormal

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