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  • phó từ
    • về phương diện kinh tế, về mặt kinh tế
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adverb
1 in a way connected with the trade, industry and development of wealth of a country, an area or a society: The factory is no longer economically viable. + Economically, the centre of Spain has lost its dominant role. + the economically active / inactive population (= those who are employed / unemployed) + Changes have taken place both economically and politically.
2 in a way that provides good service or value in relation to the amount of time or money spent: I'll do the job as economically as possible.
3 in a way that uses no more of sth than is necessary: The design is intended to use space as economically as possible. + She writes elegantly and economically. + Learn to express yourself more economically.

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