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dutiful /'dju:tiful/ (duteous) /'dju:tjəs/
  • tính từ
    • biết vâng lời, biết nghe lời
    • biết tôn kính, biết kính trong (người trên)
    • có ý thức chấp hành nhiệm vụ; sẵn sàng chấp hành nhiệm vụ, sẵn sàng làm bổn phận
Thesaurus Dictionary
obedient, compliant, willing, obliging, filial, faithful, conscientious, reliable, responsible, diligent, attentive, punctilious, respectful, polite, considerate, deferential, submissive, yielding, acquiescent, malleable, flexible, pliant, accommodating, Formal or archaic duteous:
A dutiful son, he visits his parents weekly.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
doing everything that you are expected to do; willing to obey and to show respect: a dutiful daughter / son / wife
dutifully adverb: We laughed dutifully at all his jokes, even the ones that weren't funny.

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