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dusk /dʌsk/
  • danh từ
    • bóng tối
    • lúc chạng vạng, lúc tối nhá nhem
    • tính từ (thơ ca)
      • tối mờ mờ
      • tối màu
      • nội động từ (thơ ca)
        • tối lại, mờ tối lại; trông tối, trông mờ tối
        • ngoại động từ (thơ ca)
          • làm tối, làm mờ tối
        Concise Dictionary
        +the time of day immediately following sunset
        +become dusk
        Thesaurus Dictionary
        twilight, sundown, nightfall, evening, sunset, dark, eventide:
        The workers came in from the fields at dusk.
        Advanced English Dictionary
        + noun
        [U] the time of day when the light has almost gone, but it is not yet dark: The street lights go on at dusk. + I've been on the go from dawn to dusk. + She arrived home as dusk was falling.
        Compare: DAWN
        Collocation Dictionary


        approaching, gathering

        DUSK + VERB

        approach, fall, gather
        Dusk was falling as we drove home.


        after ~, at ~, before ~, in the ~
        The lamps twinkled in the gathering dusk.


        from dawn to dusk

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