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duress /djuə'res/ (duresse) /djuə'res/
  • danh từ
    • sự câu thúc, sự cầm tù
    • sự cưỡng ép, sự ép buộc
      • to do something under duress: làm gì do cưỡng ép
Concise Dictionary
+compulsory force or threat
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 coercion, threat, pressure, constraint, compulsion; force, power:
The boys wash the dishes only under duress.
2 confinement, imprisonment, incarceration, captivity, restraint, Literary durance:
There were workhouses, prisons, and other forms of duress.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
[U] (formal) threats or force that are used to make sb do sth: He signed the confession under duress. + The promise was obtained by duress on the part of her husband.

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