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drip /drip/
  • danh từ
    • sự chảy nhỏ giọt, sự để nhỏ giọt
    • nước chảy nhỏ giọt
    • (kiến trúc) mái hắt
    • (từ lóng) người quấy rầy, người khó chịu
    • nội động từ
      • chảy nhỏ giọt
      • ((thường) + with) ướt sũng, ướt đẫm
        • to be driping wet: ướt sũng, ướt đẫm
        • to drip with blood: đẫm máu, máu đầm đìa chảy thành giọt
    • ngoại động từ
      • để chảy nhỏ giọt, làm nhỏ giọt
    Concise Dictionary
    +flowing in drops; the formation and falling of drops of liquid
    +the sound of a liquid falling drop by drop
    +(architecture) a projection from a cornice or sill designed to protect the area below from rainwater (as over a window or doorway)
    +fall in drops
    +let or cause to fall in drops

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 dribble, trickle, drop; drizzle, sprinkle:
    The tap began to drip and kept me awake all night.
    2 dribble, trickle, drop, dripping:
    Yes, it was the drip from the tap that kept me awake.
    3 milksop, bore, wet blanket, killjoy, damper, Colloq Brit wet, weed, Colloq wimp, Slang pill, drag, US and Canadian milquetoast:
    Must you invite that drip George?
    Advanced English Dictionary
    verb, noun
    + verb (-pp-)
    1 [V] [usually +adv./prep.] (of liquid) to fall in small drops: She was hot and sweat dripped into her eyes. + Water was dripping down the walls.
    2 to produce drops of liquid: [V] The tap was dripping. + Her hair dripped down her back. + [VN] Be careful, you're dripping paint everywhere!
    3 ~ (with) sth (written) to contain or hold a lot of sth: [V] The trees were dripping with fruit. + [VN] His voice dripped sarcasm.
    + noun
    1 [sing.] the sound or action of small drops of liquid falling continuously: The silence was broken only by the steady drip, drip of water from the roof.
    2 [C] a small drop of liquid that falls from sth: We put a bucket under the hole in the roof to catch the drips.
    3 (AmE also IV) [C] (medical) a piece of equipment that passes liquid food, medicine or blood very slowly through a tube into a patient's VEIN: She's been put on a drip.
    4 [C] (informal, becoming old-fashioned) a boring or stupid person with a weak personality: Don't be such a drip-come and join in the fun!
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 water dripping


    slow, steady


    ~ of
    the steady drip of water from the tap

    2 drop of water that falls down from sb/sth


    There were buckets to catch the drips from the ceiling.


    Drips fell from the roof of the cave.


    ~ from
    drips from the tap

    3 medical equipment


    intravenous | saline


    fix up, set up | be attached to, be on
    He is on a saline drip.
    | attach sb to, put sb on | take sb off
    He was taken off his drip last night.

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