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drink /driɳk/
  • danh từ
    • đồ uống, thức uống
      • solf drinks: đồ uống nhẹ (không có chất rượu)
      • strong drinks: rượu mạnh
    • rượu mạnh ((cũng) strong drink)
    • hớp, ngụm; cốc, ly (rượu, nước giải khát)
      • to have a drink: uống một cốc (rượu...)
      • to stand drinks round: thết một chầu uống (rượu...)
    • thói rượu chè, thói nghiện rượu
      • to be on the drink: rượu chè bê tha, uống rượu tí bỉ
      • to take to drink: nhiễm thói rượu chè
      • to be in drink: say rượu
    • (hàng không), (từ lóng) biển
    • ngoại động từ drank; drunk; (thơ ca) drunken
      • uống (rượu, nước...)
        • to drink the waters: uống nước suối khoáng (để chữa bệnh)
      • uống cạn; (nghĩa bóng) tận hưởng; chịu đựng cho đến cùng
        • he has drunk two cups of tea: anh ấy đã uống (cạn) hai tách trà
        • to drink the cup of joy: tận hưởng niềm vui
        • to drink the cup of pain: chịu đựng cho đến cùng nỗi đau đớn
      • uống hết, rượu chè phung phí hết (tiền...)
        • to drink one's wages: uống hết tiền lương, rượu chè phung phí hết tiền lương
      • uống cho đến nỗi
        • to drink oneself drunk: uống say luý tuý
        • to drink oneself to dealth: uống nhiều quá đến chết mất
        • to drink oneself into debt: uống cho đến mang công mắc nợ
      • nâng cốc chúc
        • to drink someone's health: nâng cốc chúc sức khoẻ ai
        • to drink success to someone: uống chúc mừng ai thành công
      • ((thường) + up, in) hút, thấm (nước) (cây, giấy thấm...)
      • nội động từ
        • uống
        • (+ to) nâng cốc chúc
          • to drink to somebody: nâng cốc chúc sức khoẻ ai
        • uống rượu, uống say, nghiện rượu
          • to drink deep; to drink hard; to drink heavily; to drink like a fish: uống luý tuý, uống rượu như hũ chìm
        • to drink away
          • rượu chè mất hết (lý trí...)
        • uống cho quên hết (nỗi sầu...)
        • to drink [someone] down
          • uống hơn (ai), tửu lượng bỏ ai (xa)
        • to drink in
          • hút vào, thấm vào
        • nghe như uống lấy, nghe say sưa; ngắm nhìn như uống lấy, ngắm nhìn say sưa
        • (thông tục) nốc (rượu) vào
        • to drink off; to drink up
          • uống một hơi, nốc thẳng một hơi
        • to drink confusion to somebody
          • (xem) confusion
        • to drink someone under the table
          • uống được nhiều rượu hơn ai, tửu lượng bỏ xa ai
      Concise Dictionary
      +a single serving of a beverage
      +the act of drinking alcoholic beverages to excess
      +any liquid suitable for drinking
      +any large deep body of water
      +the act of swallowing
      +take in liquids
      +consume alcohol
      +propose a toast to
      +be fascinated or spell-bound by; pay close attention to
      +drink excessive amounts of alcohol; be an alcoholic

      Thesaurus Dictionary
      1 quaff, imbibe, sip, gulp, swallow, swill, guzzle, toss off, lap (up), Colloq wet one's whistle, swig, knock back, US belt:
      She prefers not to drink beer.
      2 tipple, nip, indulge, tope, chug-a-lug, carouse, Colloq booze, bend the elbow, hit the bottle, go on a binge or bender, drown one's sorrows, US and Canadian go on a toot, Chiefly Brit pub-crawl:
      He threatened to leave her if she continued to drink.
      3 drink to. toast, salute, celebrate, pledge:
      Let's drink to friendship!
      4 beverage, potation, liquid refreshment, liquid, potable, draught:
      After the match I was dying for a drink.
      5 alcohol, spirits, liquor, the cup that cheers; stirrup-cup; Colloq booze, the bottle, hard stuff, mother's ruin, eye-opener, nightcap, US hooch; Slang rot-gut, US the sauce, red-eye:
      After the accident, he took to drink.
      6 tot, nip, draught or US also draft, schooner, pint, bumper, jigger, snifter, sip, taste, glass, gulp, swallow, Scots (wee) deoch an doris or doch an dorris, (wee) dram, Brit sundowner; Colloq snort, slug, swig:
      Granny likes a drink before retiring.
      7 the drink. the sea, the ocean, the main, the deep, Nautical Davy Jones's locker, Colloq the briny:
      The canoe tipped and our picnic went right into the drink!
      Advanced English Dictionary
      noun, verb
      + noun
      1 [C, U] a liquid for drinking; an amount of a liquid that you drink: Can I have a drink? + soft drinks (= cold drinks without alcohol) + a drink of water + food and drink + She took a drink from the glass and then put it down.
      2 [C, U] alcohol or an alcoholic drink; sth that you drink on a social occasion: Let's go for a drink. + The drinks are on me (= I'll pay for them). + I need a stiff drink (= a very strong drink). + (BrE) He's got a drink problem. + (AmE) He has a drinking problem. + (humorous) The children are enough to drive me to drink. + (BrE) They came home the worse for drink (= drunk). + She took to drink (= drank too much alcohol) after her marriage broke up.
      3 (drinks) [pl.] (BrE) a social occasion where you have alcoholic drinks: Would you like to come for drinks on Sunday? + a drinks party
      Idioms see DEMON, MEAT
      + verb (drank )
      1 to take liquid into your mouth and swallow it: [V] What would you like to drink? + He was drinking straight from the bottle. + [VN] In hot weather, you should drink plenty of water. + I don't drink coffee.
      2 to drink alcohol, especially when it is done regularly: [V] He doesn't drink. + Don't drink and drive (= drive a car after drinking alcohol). + She's been drinking heavily since she lost her job. + [VN] I drank far too much last night. + [VN-ADJ] He had drunk himself unconscious on vodka.
      See also - DRUNK
      Idioms: drink sb's health (BrE) to wish sb good health as you lift your glass, and then drink from it
      drink like a fish to drink a lot of alcohol regularly
      drink sb under the table (informal) to drink more alcohol than sb else without becoming as drunk as they are
      Phrasal Verbs: drink sth<->in to look at or listen to sth with great interest and enjoyment: We just stood there drinking in the scenery.
      drink to sb/sth to wish sb good luck, health or success as you lift your glass and then drink from it
      Synonym: TOAST
      All raise your glasses and drink to Katie and Tom!
      drink up
      drink (sth)<->up to drink all of sth: Drink up and let's go. + Come on, drink up your juice.
      Collocation Dictionary


      cold, cool, iced, refreshing
      I could do with a nice cool drink.
      | hot, warm | milky | fizzy | low-alcohol, non-alcoholic, reduced-alcohol, soft | alcoholic | stiff, strong | diet, low-calorie | long
      She took a long drink of cold water.
      | celebratory | welcome
      You will be offered a welcome drink on arrival at the hotel.
      | farewell | early-evening, lunchtime | leisurely
      We were enjoying a leisurely drink before dinner.
      | quick | quiet


      We ordered a round of drinks while waiting for a table.

      VERB + DRINK

      drink, have
      I'll just drink my drink then we can go. She had a hot drink and went to bed.
      | sip | down, finish, knock back
      He knocked back his drink in one go and ordered another one.
      | take
      He took a drink of his beer and sat down.
      | go for
      Would you like to go for a drink after work?
      | buy (sb), get (sb), offer (sb), order (sb)
      Can I buy you a drink?
      | pour (sb), serve (sb)
      He poured himself a stiff drink to calm his nerves.
      | spike
      The robbers spiked his drink before taking his wallet and passport.
      | drive sb to
      Her money problems drove her to drink (= made her start drinking a lot of alcohol).
      | turn to
      After his wife died, he turned to drink.

      DRINK + NOUN

      drinks party
      We've been invited to a drinks party.
      | drinks cabinet/cupboard
      She took a bottle from the drinks cabinet.
      | problem
      She suspected her boss had a drink problem.


      in a/the ~
      Do you want ice in your drink?
      | ~ of
      I'll have a drink of milk, please.


      1 take liquid into the body


      I pulled the ring-top from the can and drank greedily.
      | down, up
      He filled a cup with water and drank it down in one gulp. Drink up, and let's go home.

      VERB + DRINK

      get yourself sth to, find sth to, have sth to
      Go and get yourself something to eat and drink.


      He drank from a tumbler.
      | through
      drinking lemonade through a straw


      eat and drink

      2 drink alcohol


      excessively, heavily, to excess, too much
      He's been drinking heavily since he lost his job.
      | in moderation, moderately, sensibly
      One way of persuading people to drink sensibly is to provide good-tasting alternatives with less alcohol.
      | steadily
      She had been drinking steadily since the early morning.


      drink and drive
      The campaign aims to persuade people not to drink and drive.
      | drink like a fish
      (= drink a lot)Simon was drinking like a fish that evening.
      | drink yourself to death
      He knew that he was probably drinking himself to death.

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