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drift /drift/
  • danh từ
    • sự trôi giạt (tàu bè...); tình trạng bị lôi cuốn đi ((nghĩa đen) & (nghĩa bóng))
      • under the drift of unforeseen events: (nghĩa bóng) bị các biến cố không lường trước được lôi cuốn đi
    • vật trôi giạt, vật bị cuốn đi (đám bụi mù, củi rều...); vật bị thổi thành đông (tuyết, cát...)
    • (địa lý,địa chất) đất bồi, vật tích tụ (do gió, nước để lắng lại); trầm tích băng hà
    • lưới trôi, lưới kéo (để đánh cá mòi...) ((cũng) drift net)
    • dòng chảy chậm
    • sự lệch; độ lệch (của viên đạn bay)
    • (ngành mỏ) đường hầm ngang (tiếp theo mạch mỏ)
    • chỗ sông cạn lội qua được (Nam phi)
    • cái đục; cái khoan; máy đột (đục lỗ ở kim loại)
    • thái độ lững lờ chờ đợi, thái độ thụ động, thái độ nằm ì, thái độ nước chảy bèo trôi
      • the policy of drift: ruốm ghùi "ì, chủ trương không hoạt động gì cả
    • chiều hướng, khuynh hướng; xu thế tự nhiên; sự tiến triển
    • mục đích, ý định; ý nghĩa, nội dung
      • the drift of a speech: ý nghĩa của bài nói, nội dung của bài nói
    • (pháp lý) sự tập trung vật nuôi để kiểm lại
    • (vật lý) sự kéo theo
      • electron drift: sự kéo theo electron
  • nội động từ
    • trôi giạt, bị (gió, dòng nước...) cuốn đi
      • to drift on shore: trôi giạt vào bờ
    • chất đống lê (tuyết, cát... do gió thổi)
    • buông trôi, để mặc cho trôi đi; có thái độ thụ động, phó mặc cho số phận; trôi đi, trôi qua
      • to let things drift: để mặc cho sự việc trôi đi (muốn ra sao thì ra)
    • theo chiều hướng, hướng theo (đích nào, chiều hướng nào)
      • is that the way things are drifting?: sự việc có phải là diễn biến theo chiều hướng đó không?
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm trôi giạt, cuốn đi (dòng nước)
    • thổi (tuyết, cát...) thành đông (gió)
    • phủ đầy (cánh đồng, mặt đường...) những đống cát, phủ đầy những đống tuyết
    • đục lỗ, đột lỗ, khoan rộng lỗ (miếng kim loại)
Concise Dictionary
+a force that moves something along
+the gradual departure from an intended course due to external influences (as a ship or plane)
+a process of linguistic change over a period of time
+something that is heaped up by the wind or by water currents
+a general tendency to change (as of opinion)
+the pervading meaning or tenor
+a horizontal (or nearly horizontal) passageway in a mine
+be in motion due to some air or water current
+wander from a direct course or at random
+move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment
+vary or move from a fixed point or course
+live unhurriedly, irresponsibly, or freely
+move in an unhurried fashion
+cause to be carried by a current
+drive slowly and far afield for grazing
+be subject to fluctuation
+be piled up in banks or heaps by the force of wind or a current

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 coast, float, waft:
A log drifted by on the tide.
2 wander, roam, meander, stray, rove, ramble, Colloq mosey:
He seems just to drift through life, without a purpose.
3 trend, tendency, direction, course, current, bias, inclination, flow, sweep, bent:
The drift of the conversation seemed to be towards politics.
4 intention, meaning, purport, purpose, aim, object, tenor, tone, spirit, colour, essence, gist, significance, import:
Offended by the drift of her remarks, I excused myself.
5 accumulation, pile, heap, mass, bank, mound, dune:
After the snowstorm, a huge drift blocked the door.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun
slow movement
1 [sing., U] a slow steady movement from one place to another; a gradual change or development from one situation to another, especially to sth bad: a population drift away from rural areas + attempts to halt the drift towards war
of ship
2 [U] the movement of a ship or plane away from its direction because of currents or wind: Remember to allow for drift.
of sea / air
3 [U, C] the movement of the sea or air
Synonym: CURRENT
the general direction of drift on the east coast + He knew the hidden drifts in that part of the river.
of snow
4 [C] a large pile of sth, especially snow, made by the wind: The road was blocked by deep drifts of snow.
See also - SNOWDRIFT
of flowers
5 [C] a large mass of sth, especially flowers: Plant daffodils in informal drifts.
6 [sing.] the general meaning of what sb says or writes: Do you catch my drift? + My German isn't very good, but I got the drift of what she said.
+ verb
move slowly
1 [V] [usually +adv./prep.] to move along smoothly and slowly in water or air: Clouds drifted across the sky. + The empty boat drifted out to sea. + A cool breeze drifted through the open window. + Smoke drifted across the room.
2 [V +adv./prep.] to move or go somewhere slowly: The crowd drifted away from the scene of the accident. + Her gaze drifted around the room. + People began to drift back to their houses.
without purpose
3 [V] [usually +adv./prep.] to happen or change or to do sth without a particular plan or purpose: I didn't intend to be a teacher-I just drifted into it. + He hasn't decided what to do yet-he's just drifting. + The conversation drifted onto politics.
into state / situation
4 [V] ~ in / into sth to go from one situation or state to another without realizing it: Finally she drifted into sleep. + The injured man tried to speak but soon drifted into unconsciousness.
of snow / sand
5 [V] to be blown into large piles by the wind: drifting sand + Some roads are closed because of drifting.
6 [VN] to make sth float somewhere: The logs are drifted downstream to the mill.
Phrasal Verbs: drift apart to become less friendly or close to sb: As children we were very close, but as we grew up we just drifted apart.
drift off (to sleep) to fall asleep: I didn't hear the storm, I must have drifted off by then.
Collocation Dictionary

1 slow movement towards sth


gradual, slow


~ (away) from
the drift of people away from rural areas into urban slums
| ~ (back) to
As the strike went on, there was a gradual drift back to work.
| ~ into
his drift into crime
| ~ towards

2 general meaning of sth


general, main


catch, follow, get
I didn't follow the speech exactly, but I caught the main drift of what was being said.
| lose
I lost the drift of what she was saying.

3 pile of snow/sand made by the wind


deep, great | sand, snow


1 be carried along by the wind/water


slowly | helplessly
Cold and hungry, they drifted helplessly towards the Arctic.
| downriver, downstream, downwind
The boat drifted slowly downstream.
| along, back, down, out


from, to, towards, etc.
drifting out to sea

2 move slowly/without purpose


aimlessly | slowly | quietly, silently | about, around/round, apart, away, back, down, off, up
Voices drifted up through the floorboards.


begin to | seem to | allow sth to
He allowed his thoughts to drift back to his conversation with Carrie.


He spent the day drifting aimlessly about the house.
| across
She drifted across the room to where we were standing.
| between
She began to drift between sleep and wakefulness.
| from
We seem to be drifting away from the point.
| in, into
He drifted into teaching, but never really enjoyed it.
| out of
He drifted in and out of consciousness.

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