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dredge /dredʤ/
  • danh từ
    • lưới vét (bắt sò hến ở đáy sông)
    • máy nạo vét lòng sông
    • động từ
      • kéo lưới vét, đánh lưới vét (bắt sò...)
        • to dredge [for] oysters: đánh lưới; vét bắt sò
      • nạo vét (sông, biển bằng máy nạo vét)
      • ngoại động từ
        • rắc (bột, muối, hạt tiêu...)
      Concise Dictionary
      +a power shovel to remove material from a channel or riverbed
      +cover before cooking
      +search (as the bottom of a body of water) for something valuable or lost
      +remove with a power shovel, usually from a bottom of a body of water

      Advanced English Dictionary
      + verb
      1 ~ (sth) (for sth) to remove mud, stones, etc. from the bottom of a river, canal, etc. using a boat or special machine, to make it deeper or to search for sth: [VN] They're dredging the harbour so that larger ships can use it. + They dredge the bay for gravel. [also V]
      2 ~ sth (up) (from sth) to bring sth up from the bottom of a river, etc. using a boat or special machine: [VN] waste dredged (up) from the sea bed
      3 [VN] ~ (in / with) to cover food lightly with sugar, flour, etc: Dredge the top of the cake with icing sugar.
      Phrasal Verbs: dredge sth<->up
      1 (usually disapproving) to mention sth that has been forgotten, especially sth unpleasant or embarrassing: The papers keep trying to dredge up details of his past love life.
      2 to manage to remember sth, especially sth that happened a long time ago: Now she was dredging up memories from the depths of her mind.

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