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dozen /'dʌzn/
  • danh từ số nhiều, không đổi
    • tá (mười hai)
      • two dozen books: hai tá sách
    • (số nhiều) nhiều
      • dozens of people: nhiều người
      • dozens of times: nhiều lần
    • (số nhiều) bộ 12 cái
      • to pack things in dozens: đóng thành bộ 12 cái, đóng thành từng tá
    • baker's (devil's, printer's long) dozen
      • tá 13 cái (một cái làm hoa hồng)
    • to talk (go) nineteen to the dozen
      • nói liến láu liên miên
Concise Dictionary
+the cardinal number that is the sum of eleven and one
+denoting a quantity consisting of 12 items or units
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, determiner (plural dozen)
1 [C] (abbreviation doz.) a group of twelve of the same thing: Give me a dozen, please. + two dozen eggs + three dozen red roses
2 [C] a group of approximately twelve people or things: several dozen / a few dozen people + The company employs no more than a couple of dozen people. + Only about half a dozen people turned up. + There was only space for a half-dozen tables.
3 (dozens) [pl.] ~ (of sth) (informal) a lot of people or things: They arrived in dozens (= in large numbers). + I've been there dozens of times.

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