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  • động từ
    • giáng chức, giáng cấp
Concise Dictionary
+the property possessed by a slope or surface that descends
+rate lower; lower in value or esteem
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 demote, dethrone, humble, lower, reduce, displace, depose, dispossess, disfranchise or disenfranchise, US military bust; Colloq bring or take down a peg:
He was downgraded from supervisor to foreman.
2 belittle, minimize, play down, disparage, decry, denigrate, run down, US and Canadian downplay:
How could she downgrade her own sister?
3 descent, decline, declension, (downward) slope, gradient, grade, inclination:
Apply the brake as you approach the downgrade.
4 on the downgrade. on the wane, waning, declining, falling, slipping, falling off, losing ground, going downhill, US and Canadian on the skids:
After the drug scandal, her popularity was on the downgrade.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb [VN]
1 ~ sb/sth (from sth) (to sth) to move sb/sth down to a lower rank or level: She's been downgraded from principal to vice-principal.
2 to make sth/sb seem less important or valuable than it/they really are
Compare: UPGRADE
downgrading noun [U, C]: a downgrading of diplomatic relations

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