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donor /'dounə/
  • danh từ
    • người cho, người tặng, người biếu; người quyên cúng
      • donor of blood: người cho máu
Thesaurus Dictionary
giver, provider, supplier, benefactor or benefactress, contributor, supporter, backer:
Blood donors receive a suitably inscribed certificate.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 a person or an organization that makes a gift of money, clothes, food, etc. to a charity, etc: international aid donors (= countries which give money, etc. to help other countries) + She is one of the charity's main donors.
2 a person who gives blood or a part of his or her body to be used by doctors to help sick people: a blood donor + The heart transplant will take place as soon as a suitable donor can be found. + donor organs + a donor card (= a card that you carry giving permission for doctors to use parts of your body after your death)
Collocation Dictionary

1 gives a part of their body


blood (transfusion), bone marrow, kidney, organ, etc. | potential | suitable
The operation will go ahead as soon as a suitable donor can be found.


donate sth, give sth
Donors give blood twice a year.


blood, organ
Donor organs are constantly required for transplant operations.
| card

2 gives money/goods


The charity received £50,000 from an anonymous donor.
| aid
Japan has been one of the country's biggest aid donors.


give sth, make a donation, pledge sth
Donors pledged a total of $1,000 million in relief aid.


country, government
loans from rich donor countries to developing nations

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