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dolt /doult/
  • danh từ
    • người ngu đần, người đần độn
Concise Dictionary
+a person who is not very bright
Thesaurus Dictionary
fool, ass, blockhead, dunce, dullard, idiot, nitwit, ignoramus, numskull or numbskull, donkey, nincompoop, ninny, ninny-hammer, simpleton, dunderpate, dunderhead, bonehead, simpleton, twit, fat-head, goon, moron, imbecile, Colloq dope, dumb-bell, dim-wit, chump, dummy, halfwit, birdbrain, pinhead, clot, clod, chucklehead, Brit muggins, US thimble-wit, jerk, knuckle-head, lunkhead, meat-head, lame-brain, dingbat, ding-a-ling, flake:
The dolt actually tried to buy striped paint!
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
(disapproving) a stupid person
doltish adjective

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