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dollar /'dɔlə/
  • danh từ
    • đồng đô la (Mỹ)
    • (từ lóng) đồng 5 silinh, đồng curon
    • the almighty dollar
      • thần đô la, thần tiền
    • dollar area
      • khu vực đô la
    • dollar diplomacy
      • chính sách đô la
Concise Dictionary
+the basic monetary unit in many countries; equal to 100 cents
+a piece of paper money worth one dollar
+a United States coin worth one dollar
+a symbol of commercialism or greed

Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [C] (Symbol $) the unit of money in the US, Canada, Australia and several other countries: You will be paid in American dollars.
Compare: BUCK
2 [C] a BANKNOTE or coin worth one dollar: Do you have a dollar? + a dollar bill
3 (the dollar) [sing.] (finance) the value of the US dollar compared with the value of the money of other countries: The dollar closed two cents down.
Idioms see BET v., MILLION
Collocation Dictionary

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unit of money in a country change/convert sth into/to ~
I want to change 100 dollars into euros.

buy, sell ~
The bank will sell you one Russian rouble for 4.14 Japanese yen.

Many of the collocates of MONEY (for example make, spend) can also be used with currencies:The country spends millions of dollars on overseas aid every year.

50-, 100-, etc. ~ coin/note
a pound coin

50-, 100-, etc. dollar bill for a ~
How many dinars will I get for a dollar?

in (the) ~
The contract is denominated in euros. a tax of 30p in the pound

~ for ~
The company promises to match any money the charity makes dollar for dollar.

~'s worth of sth
a million pound's worth of books

value of a currency compared with others high, rising, strong ~
Business should benefit from a stronger euro.

falling, low, weak ~
The yen gained 10 points against a weak dollar.

over-valued ~
Research suggests that the pound is over-valued.

float ~
The UK floated sterling in June 1972.

devalue ~
The Fiji dollar may have to be devalued.

defend, prop up, protect, shore up, support ~
She dismissed suggestions that the central bank would intervene to prop up the euro.

~ be worth sth
One Saudi Arabian riyal is worth approximately 0.27 US dollars.

~ strengthen
The peso strengthened on the foreign exchanges.

~ come under pressure
The pound came under pressure against the dollar.

~ close, open
The pound closed yesterday at 1.4130 dollars.

~ be fixed/pegged to
Many emerging countries have their currencies pegged to the dollar.

~ value
The dollar value of the stock rose to $11.5 billion.

~ terms
The rise in government spending was equivalent to only 9% in dollar terms.

~ exchange rate
All prices are based on the South African rand exchange rate.

~ traveller's cheques
sterling traveller's cheques

~ equivalent
She was paid the dollar equivalent of £10 000.

against the ~
The yen has strengthened against the pound.

to the ~
How many dollars are there to the pound?

depreciation/devaluation/reflation of the ~
the devaluation of the peso in 1994

a run on the ~
The government increased interest rates to avoid a run on the rouble

(= sudden large buying of the currency).

the value of the ~
a rise in the value of the euro

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