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doctor /'dɔktə/
  • danh từ
    • bác sĩ y khoa
    • tiến sĩ
      • Doctor of Mathematics: tiến sĩ toán học
    • (hàng hải), (từ lóng) người đầu bếp, anh nuôi (trên tàu)
    • bộ phận điều chỉnh (ở máy)
    • ruồi già (để câu cá)
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) nhà học giả, nhà thông thái
    • ngoại động từ
      • chữa bệnh cho (ai); cho uống thuốc, tống thuốc vào
        • he is always doctoring himself: hắn ta cứ (uống) thuốc suốt
      • cấp bằng bác sĩ y khoa cho
      • thiến, hoạn
      • sửa chữa, chấp vá (máy...)
      • làm giả, giả mạo
      • ((thường) + up) pha, pha trộn (rượu, thức ăn...) (để làm kém phẩm chất)
      • nội động từ
        • làm bác sĩ y khoa
      Concise Dictionary
      +a licensed medical practitioner
      +(Roman Catholic Church) a title conferred on 33 saints who distinguished themselves through the orthodoxy of their theological teaching
      +children take the roles of physician or patient or nurse and pretend they are at the physician's office
      +a person who holds Ph.D. degree (or the equivalent) from an academic institution
      +alter and make impure, as with the intention to deceive
      +give medical treatment to
      +restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken

      Thesaurus Dictionary
      1 physician, medical practitioner, M.D., general practitioner, G.P., Colloq medic, medico, doc, sawbones, bones:
      You ought to see a doctor about that cough.
      2 treat, attend, medicate; cure, heal; practise medicine:
      She knows very little about doctoring children, in spite of having worked as a general practitioner.
      3 mend, repair, patch (up), fix:
      We doctored the tyre as best we could.
      4 falsify, tamper with, adulterate, disguise, change, modify, alter; cut, dilute, water (down); spike; drug, poison:
      This sauce has been doctored.
      Advanced English Dictionary
      noun, verb
      + noun
      (abbreviation Dr)
      1 a person who has been trained in medical science, whose job is to treat people who are ill or injured: You'd better see a doctor about that cough. + Doctor Staples (= as a title / form of address)
      2 (doctor's) a place where a doctor sees patients: an appointment at the doctor's
      3 a person who has received the highest university degree: a Doctor of Philosophy / Law + Doctor Franks (= as a title / form of address)
      4 (especially AmE) used as a title or form of address for a dentist
      + verb [VN]
      1 to change sth in order to deceive sb
      Synonym: FALSIFY
      He was accused of doctoring the figures.
      2 to add sth harmful to food or drink: The wine had been doctored.
      3 (informal) to remove part of the sex organs of an animal
      Synonym: NEUTER
      Collocation Dictionary


      excellent, good | qualified | experienced | family, local
      Who is your family doctor?
      | hospital, school | NHS | private


      register with
      You should register with a doctor as soon as possible.
      | call, fetch, get, send for
      We called the doctor immediately. (For more verbs see note.)

      More information about DOCTOR


      practitioners be, practise as ~
      He practises as a clinical psychologist.

      a dentist, doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapistDo you have a family doctor?

      need ~
      She took good care of her teeth and never needed a dentist.

      find ~
      What's the best way to find a therapist?

      consult, go to, see, visit ~
      I think you ought to see a psychologist.

      refer sb to ~
      referring patients to a specialist

      ~ practise
      doctors who practise from home

      ~ examine sb/sth, see sb
      I had an ear, nose and throat specialist examine my sinuses. The doctor will see you now.

      ~ treat sb/sth
      He is being treated by the physiotherapist.

      ~ advise sb/sth
      The optician has advised that I wear contact lenses.

      a dentist, doctor, psychiatrist, specialist

      prescribes (sb) sth
      The psychiatrist prescribed anti-depressants.

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