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distort /dis'tɔ:t/
  • ngoại động từ
    • vặn vẹo, bóp méo, làm méo mó
    • bóp méo, xuyên tạc (sự việc...)
Concise Dictionary
+make false by mutilation or addition; as of a message or story
+form into a spiral shape
+twist and press out of shape
+affect as in thought or feeling
+alter the shape of (something) by stress

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 twist, warp, deform, misshape, contort, gnarl, bend, disfigure, wrench:
The car was completely distorted in the crash.
2 twist, warp, slant, tamper with, colour, varnish, torture, pervert, misrepresent, fabricate, falsify, misstate, alter, change, bend, garble, violate:
She distorted the facts if she said it was Bill who had a gun.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb [VN]
1 to change the shape, appearance or sound of sth so that it is strange or not clear: a fairground mirror that distorts your shape + The loudspeaker seemed to distort his voice.
2 to twist or change facts, ideas, etc. so that they are no longer correct or true: Newspapers are often guilty of distorting the truth. + The article gave a distorted picture of his childhood.
distortion [C, U]: modern alloys that are resistant to wear and distortion + a distortion of the facts
Collocation Dictionary


grossly, seriously, severely
He was accused of grossly distorting the facts.
| completely | slightly | deliberately

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