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disrupt /dis'rʌpt/
  • ngoại động từ
    • đập gãy, đập vỗ, phá vỡ
Concise Dictionary
+make a break in
+throw into disorder
+interfere in someone else's activity

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 disorder, upset, disorganize, disturb, unsettle, shake up, disconcert, agitate:
You've disrupted my plan completely.
2 interrupt, break in or into, interfere (with):
They disrupted the meeting with their loud outbursts.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
[VN] to make it difficult for sth to continue in the normal way: Demonstrators succeeded in disrupting the meeting. + Bus services will be disrupted tomorrow because of the bridge closure.
disruption noun [U, C]: We aim to help you move house with minimum disruption to yourself. + disruptions to rail services + The strike caused serious disruptions for several days.
Collocation Dictionary


badly, seriously, severely
The bad weather has seriously disrupted supplies of food.
| completely, totally


threaten to | attempt to | be designed to
The attacks are designed to disrupt plans for the elections.


an attempt to disrupt sth

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