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display /dis'plei/
  • danh từ
    • sự bày ra, sự phô bày, sự trưng bày
      • to make a display of: phô bày, trưng bày
    • sự phô trương, sự khoe khoang
    • sự biểu lộ, sự để lộ ra
    • (ngành in) sự sắp chữ nổi bật
    • ngoại động từ
      • bày ra, phô bày, trưng bày
      • phô trương, khoe khoang (kiến thức...)
      • biểu lộ ra, để lộ ra, bày tỏ ra (lòng can đảm...)
      • (ngành in) sắp (chữ) nổi bật
    Concise Dictionary
    +something intended to communicate a particular impression
    +something shown to the public
    +an electronic device that represents information in visual form
    +a visual representation of something
    +behavior that makes your feelings public
    +exhibiting openly in public view
    +to show, make visible or apparent
    +make clear and visible
    +attract attention by displaying some body part or posing; of animals

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 show, exhibit, air, put or set forth, make visible, expose, evince, manifest, demonstrate, betray, reveal, unveil, disclose; advertise, publicize:
    Her paintings are being displayed at the gallery today.
    2 unfurl, unfold, spread or stretch or open out, present:
    The ship suddenly displayed the Jolly Roger.
    3 show off, flaunt, parade, flourish, vaunt, Colloq flash:
    He goes on those quiz programmes only to display his knowledge.
    4 show, exhibition, exhibit, presentation, array; demonstration; exposition, manifestation, revelation:
    We visited a display of weapons at the armoury. I have seldom seen such a display of ignorance.
    5 ostentation, spectacle, flourish, show, parade, ceremony, pageantry, pageant, splendour, array, panoply, magnificence, grandeur, pomp, splash, éclat, élan, dash:
    The display put on for Queen Victoria's jubilee was truly lavish.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    verb, noun
    + verb
    sth (to sb)
    1 [VN] to put sth in a place where people can see it easily; to show sth to people: The exhibition gives local artists an opportunity to display their work. + She displayed her bruises for all to see.
    2 [VN] to show signs of sth, especially a quality or feeling: I have rarely seen her display any sign of emotion. + These statistics display a definite trend.
    3 [VN] (of a computer, etc.) to show information: The screen will display the user name in the top right-hand corner. + This column displays the title of the mail message.
    4 [V] (technical) (of male birds and animals) to show a special pattern of behaviour that is intended to attract a female bird or animal
    + noun
    1 an arrangement of things in a public place to inform or entertain people or advertise sth for sale: a beautiful floral display outside the Town Hall + a window display + a display cabinet
    2 an act of performing a skill or of showing sth happening, in order to entertain: a firework display + a breathtaking display of aerobatics
    3 an occasion when you show a particular quality, feeling or ability by the way that you behave: a display of affection / strength / wealth
    4 the words, pictures, etc. shown on a computer screen: a high resolution colour display
    Idioms: on display put in a place where people can look at it: Designs for the new sports hall are on display in the library. + to put sth on temporary / permanent display
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 arrangement of things


    attractive, beautiful, colourful, dazzling, excellent, eye-catching, fascinating, fine, good, interesting, stunning | special | public | permanent, temporary | static
    The locomotive is normally kept on static display in the National Railway Museum.
    | audio-visual, visual
    An audio-visual display gives visitors an idea of what life was like aboard a sailing ship.
    | floral, photographic
    a beautiful floral display outside the Town Hall
    | in-store, wall, window | museum, shop


    The museum has a fine display of old medical instruments.
    | mount
    We plan to mount a display of the children's work in the lobby area.
    | go on
    Examples of her work will go on permanent display in the new museum.
    | put sth on
    The birds were put on display at the zoological society.


    illustrate sth, show sth
    The display illustrates the traditional industries of the town.


    board, cabinet, case, stand
    a glass-fronted display cabinet


    on ~
    Designs for the new sports hall are on public display in the library. On display are earrings, necklaces and bracelets made from jade, amber and amethyst.
    | ~ of
    a display of Roman coins

    More information about ART WORKS


    of art a piece/work of art
    Michelangelo's Pietà is a magnificent work of art.

    collect ~
    She collects Jacobean portraits.

    display, exhibit, show ~
    The works will be displayed in the new wing of the museum.

    ~ be (put) on display/exhibition/show ~ go on display/exhibition/show
    paintings put on show for the first time The photographs are on exhibition until the end of September.

    house ~
    An annexe was built to house the sculptures.

    a series of ~
    a series of paintings by Van Gogh

    a collection/exhibition of ~
    an exhibition of early 20th century French masterpieces

    an art/photographic/photography exhibition
    The open art exhibition will allow new artists to exhibit their work.

    by ~
    a sculpture by Barbara Hepworth

    2 performing a skill


    astonishing, awesome, breathtaking, brilliant, devastating, flamboyant, great, impressive, magnificent, outstanding, spectacular, spirited, superb, virtuoso
    a flamboyant display of footballing skills
    | disappointing, lacklustre, poor | firework | pyrotechnic
    The sun set in a pyrotechnic display that burnt up the whole western sky.
    | aerial, aerobatic, air, flying, parachute | courtship, mating, sexual


    give, perform, put on
    The male performs a magnificent courtship display. They put on a spectacular firework display.
    | treat sb to
    The crowd was treated to an impressive display of power tennis.
    | watch


    an aerobatic display team


    ~ of
    They gave a virtuoso display of disco dancing.

    3 showing a particular feeling/quality


    brief | rare | impressive, incredible, striking
    Members of the community closed ranks in an impressive display of unity.
    | open, public
    an open display of affection for her husband
    | outward
    Despite his outward display of friendliness, I sensed he was concealing something.
    | ostentatious, overt
    an ostentatious display of wealth
    | aggressive
    There may be specific events which trigger aggressive displays in your dog.


    ~ of
    She slammed the door behind her in a display of ill-temper.

    4 on a computer screen, etc.


    computer, screen | data, graphics, video, visual | colour, mono/monochrome | high resolution, low resolution
    a high resolution colour display
    | LCD/liquid crystal | analogue, digital | Windows


    screen, terminal, unit
    display screen equipment a visual display unit



    clearly, prominently
    His football trophies were prominently displayed in the kitchen.
    | proudly


    She proudly displayed her degree certificate to her parents.

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