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disparage /dis'pæridʤ/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm mất uy tín, làm mất thể diện, làm mang tai mang tiếng, làm ô danh
    • gièm pha, chê bai; coi rẻ, xem thường, miệt thị
Concise Dictionary
+express a negative opinion of
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 belittle, diminish, depreciate, devalue or devaluate, cheapen, talk down, discredit, dishonour, decry, demean, criticize, denigrate, deprecate, derogate, underrate, undervalue, downgrade, reduce, minimize:
She keeps making remarks that disparage her husband.
2 run down, slander, libel, defame, traduce, malign, backbite, vilify, insult, stab in the back, US back-stab; Colloq poor mouth; Slang US and Canadian bad-mouth:
A loving person never disparages others.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
[VN] (formal) to suggest that sb/sth is not important or valuable: I don't mean to disparage your achievements.
disparagement noun [U]
disparaging adjective: disparaging remarks
disparagingly adverb: He spoke disparagingly of his colleagues.

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