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dismal /'dizməl/
  • tính từ
    • buồn thảm, tối tăm, ảm đạm
      • dismal weather: thời tiết ảm đạm
      • dismal prospects: tiền đồ tối tăm, tương lai mù mịt
    • buồn nản, u sầu, phiền muộn
      • a dismal mood: tâm trạng u sầu buồn nản
    • the dismal science
      • (xem) science
Concise Dictionary
+causing dejection
Thesaurus Dictionary
depressing, gloomy, cheerless, melancholy, sombre, dreary, sad, bleak, funereal, lugubrious, forlorn, morose, solemn, dark, grim, wretched, woebegone, woeful, black, blue, joyless, doleful, dolorous, unhappy, miserable, lowering; pessimistic:
She was alone, alone on the dismal moor. The prospects for the company looked very dismal.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 causing or showing sadness
dismal conditions / surroundings / weather + Christmas will be dismal without the children.
2 (informal) not skilful or successful; of very low quality: The singer gave a dismal performance of some old songs. + Their recent attempt to increase sales has been a dismal failure.
dismally adverb: I tried not to laugh but failed dismally (= was completely unsuccessful).
Collocation Dictionary


be, look | become


It was a really dismal day.
| a bit, fairly, pretty, rather
Last year's results were fairly dismal.

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