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dish /diʃ/
  • danh từ
    • đĩa (đựng thức ăn)
    • móm ăn (đựng trong đĩa)
      • a make dish: món ăn cầu kỳ (có nhiều thứ gia giảm)
      • a standing dish: món ăn thường ngày
    • vật hình đĩa
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) chén, tách
      • a dish of tea: tách trà
    • a dish of gossip
      • cuộc nói chuyện gẫu
  • ngoại động từ
    • sắp (đồ ăn) vào đĩa (để dọn cơm)
    • làm lõm xuống thành lòng đĩa
    • đánh bại được, dùng mẹo lừa được (đối phương); (chính) áp dụng chính sách đường lối của đối phương để đánh bại (đối phương)
    • nội động từ
      • chạy chân trước khoằm vào (ngựa)
      • to dish up
        • dọn ăn, dọn cơm
      • (nghĩa bóng) trình bày (sự việc...) một cách hấp dẫn
    Concise Dictionary
    +a piece of dishware normally used as a container for holding or serving food
    +a particular item of prepared food
    +the quantity that a dish will hold
    +a very attractive or seductive looking woman
    +directional antenna consisting of a parabolic reflector for microwave or radio frequency radiation
    +an activity that you like or at which you are superior
    +provide (usually but not necessarily food)
    +make concave; shape like a dish

    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, verb
    + noun
    1 [C] a flat shallow container for cooking food in or serving it from: a glass dish + an ovenproof dish + a baking / serving dish + They helped themselves from a large dish of pasta.
    2 (the dishes) [pl.] the plates, bowls, cups, etc. that have been used for a meal and need to be washed: I'll do the dishes (= wash them).
    3 [C] food prepared in a particular way as part of a meal: a vegetarian / fish dish + This makes an excellent hot main dish. + I can recommend the chef's dish of the day.
    See also - SIDE DISH
    4 [C] any object that is shaped like a dish or bowl: a soap dish
    See also - SATELLITE DISH
    5 [C] (informal) a sexually attractive person: What a dish!
    Idioms: dish the dirt (on sb) (informal) to tell people unkind or unpleasant things about sb, especially about their private life: She loves to dish the dirt on her sisters.
    Phrasal Verbs: dish it out (disapproving) to criticize other people: He enjoys dishing it out, but he really can't take it (= cannot accept criticism from other people).
    dish sth<->out
    1 (informal) to give sth, often to a lot of people or in large amounts: Students dished out leaflets to passers-by. + She's always dishing out advice, even when you don't want it.
    2 to serve food onto plates for a meal: Can you dish out the potatoes please?
    dish up
    dish sth<->up to serve food onto plates for a meal
    dish up sth to offer sth to sb, especially sth that is not very good
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 container


    deep | flat, shallow | empty | baking, cooking, roasting, serving | fireproof, heatproof, ovenproof | china, glass, metal, silver | casserole, gratin, pie, souffle, soup | butter, food, soap, vegetable
    your pet's food dish


    in a/the ~
    Arrange the chicken and salad in a serving dish.

    2 the dishes: plates, bowls, etc.


    clean | dirty, unwashed
    The dirty breakfast dishes were still in the sink when we got home.
    | breakfast


    do, wash
    It's your turn to do the dishes.
    | dry
    He dried the dishes and put them away.
    | put away

    3 type of food


    main, side
    Serve one or two main dishes with a choice of salads and nibbles.
    | favourite
    Do you have a favourite dish?
    | delicious, tasty, wonderful | elaborate | simple
    a simple dish, beautifully prepared
    | classic, traditional | savoury, sweet | spiced/spicy | cold, hot | local, international, national, regional
    The national dish is ‘bigos’?hunter's stew.
    | Chinese, French, etc. | vegetarian | cheese, egg, fish, meat, pasta, rice, seafood, vegetable
    Goulash is a meat dish.
    | breakfast, lunch, supper
    Kedgeree makes a wonderful supper dish.


    cook, make, prepare
    She cooked us a delicious French dish with pork and tomatoes.
    | serve
    a restaurant that serves traditional Indian dishes
    | recommend | sample, try
    They sampled all the local dishes.


    the dish of the day
    I can recommend the chef's dish of the day. > Special page at FOOD

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