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discriminate /dis'krimineit/
  • ngoại động từ
    • (+ from) phân biệt
      • to discriminate one thing from another: phân biệt cái này với cái khác
  • nội động từ
    • (+ between) phân biệt nhận rõ sự khác nhau (giữa hai vật, giữa cái này với cái khác...), tách bạch ra
    • đối xử phân biệt
      • to discriminate agianst somebody: đối xử phân biệt với ai
      • to discriminate in favour of somebody: biệt đãi thiên vị ai
  • tính từ
    • rõ ràng, tách bạch
    • biết phân biệt, biết phán đoán, biết suy xét, sáng suốt
Concise Dictionary
+recognize or perceive the difference
+treat differently on the basis of sex or race
+marked by the ability to see or make fine distinctions
+noting distinctions with nicety

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 distinguish, separate, differentiate, discern, draw a distinction, tell the difference:
He cannot discriminate between good art and bad.
2 favour, disfavour, segregate, show favour or prejudice or bias for or against, be intolerant:
It is illegal here to discriminate against people on the basis of race, creed, or colour.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 ~ (between A and B)
~ A from B to recognize that there is a difference between people or things; to show a difference between people or things: [V] The computer program was unable to discriminate between letters and numbers. + [VN] When do babies learn to discriminate voices? + A number of features discriminate this species from others.
2 [V] ~ (against sb)
~ (in favour of sb) to treat one person or group worse/better than another in an unfair way: practices that discriminate against women and in favour of men + It is illegal to discriminate on grounds of race, sex or religion.
Collocation Dictionary


positively | unfairly


The present law discriminates unfairly against women.
| in favour of
discriminating positively in favour of people from ethnic minorities
| on (the) grounds of
Workers must avoid discriminating on the grounds of race or sex.

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