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discredit /dis'kredit/
  • danh từ
    • sự mang tai mang tiếng, sự mất uy tín, sự mất thể diện; điều làm mang tai mang tiếng, điều làm mất uy tín, điều làm mất thể diện
      • to bring into discredit: làm mang tai mang tiếng, làm mất uy tín
    • sự nghi ngờ, sự thiếu tin tưởng
      • to throw discredit upon something: nghi ngờ cái gì
    • (thương nghiệp) sự mất tín nhiệm
    • ngoại động từ
      • làm mang tai mang tiếng, làm mất uy tín, làm mất thể diện
      • không tin
      • làm mất tín nhiệm
    Concise Dictionary
    +the state of being held in low esteem
    +cause to be distrusted or disbelieved
    +damage the reputation of
    +reject as false; refuse to accept

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 detract, disparage, defame, dishonour, disgrace, degrade, bring into disfavour or disrepute, deprecate, demean, lower, devalue, depreciate, devaluate, belittle, diminish, reduce; slur, slander, vilify, calumniate, sully, smear, blacken, taint, tarnish, besmirch, smirch, stigmatize, asperse, malign, libel:
    Both of them were thoroughly discredited by the scandal.
    2 disbelieve, deny, dispute, doubt, question, raise doubts about, distrust, mistrust, give no credit or credence to:
    As he's a known liar, you can discredit whatever he tells you.
    3 disprove, reject, refute, invalidate; mock, ridicule:
    The phlogiston theory is generally discredited by most modern chemists.
    4 dishonour, degradation, disfavour, disrepute, ill repute, disgrace, ignominy, infamy, odium, stigma, shame, smear, slur, scandal, obloquy, opprobrium, humiliation:
    Her performance has brought discredit to all female saxophonists.
    5 damage, harm, reflection, slur, aspersion, slander, defamation, blot, brand, tarnish, blemish, taint:
    The discredit to her reputation is irreparable.
    6 doubt, scepticism, dubiousness, doubtfulness, qualm, scruple, question, incredulity, suspicion, distrust, mistrust:
    The new evidence throws discredit on the validity of the previous testimony.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    verb, noun
    + verb [VN]
    1 to make people stop respecting sb/sth: The photos were deliberately taken to discredit the President. + a discredited government / policy
    2 to make people stop believing that sth is true; to make sth appear unlikely to be true: These theories are now largely discredited among linguists. + This new evidence discredits earlier findings.
    + noun [U] (formal) damage to sb's reputation; loss of respect: Violent football fans bring discredit on the teams they support. + Britain, to its discredit, did not speak out against these atrocities. + My brother's behaviour did great discredit to the family.
    Compare: CREDIT n. (7)
    Collocation Dictionary




    bring, reflect
    By telling lies he brought discredit upon Parliament. Your failure reflects no discredit upon you?you did your best.
    | bring sth into, do sb
    She brought the whole system into discredit. It does us great discredit to treat foreigners so badly.


    to sb's ~
    His selfish decision is greatly to his discredit.
    | ~ to
    They were a discredit to their country.

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