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discern /di'sə:n/
  • động từ
    • nhận thức, thấy rõ (bằng trí óc, bằng giác quan...)
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) phân biệt
      • to discern good and bad; to discern good from bad; to discern between good and bad: phân biệt tốt xấu
Concise Dictionary
+detect with the senses
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb (not used in the progressive tenses) (formal)
1 to know, recognize or understand sth, especially sth that is not obvious: [VN] It is possible to discern a number of different techniques in her work. + He discerned a certain coldness in their welcome. + [V wh-] It is often difficult to discern how widespread public support is. [also V that]
2 [VN] to see or hear sth, but not very clearly: We could just discern the house in the distance.
discernible adjective: There is often no discernible difference between rival brands. + His face was barely discernible in the gloom.
Collocation Dictionary


clearly, easily
She could clearly discern a figure walking up towards the house.
| dimly, just


be able to, can/could | be difficult to, be hard to | be possible to

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