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disagree /,disə'gri:/
  • nội động từ
    • khác, không giống, không khớp
      • the account disagree: những câu chuyện kể lại không khớp nhau
    • không hợp, không thích hợp
      • the climate disagrees with him: khí hậu không hợp với anh ta
    • bất đồng, không đồng ý
      • to disagree with someone on something: không đồng ý với ai về cái gì
    • bất hoà
      • to disagree with someone: bất hoà với ai
Concise Dictionary
+be of different opinions
+be different from one another

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 differ, dissent, diverge:
She disagrees with most of my ideas. I said the painting was by Hockney, but he disagreed.
2 conflict, dispute, quarrel, argue, contend, contest, bicker, fight, fall out, squabble, wrangle, debate:
Those who agree on major principles often disagree about trifles, and vice versa.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 [V] ~ (with sb) (about / on / over sth) if two people disagree or one person disagrees with another about sth, they have a different opinion about it: Even friends disagree sometimes. + He disagreed with his parents on most things. + Some people disagree with this argument. + No, I disagree. I don't think it would be the right thing to do. [also V that]
2 [V] if statements or reports disagree, they give different information
Antonym: AGREE
Phrasal Verbs:

disagree with sb if sth, especially food, disagrees with you, it has a bad effect on you and makes you feel ill
disagree with sth / with doing sth to believe that sth is bad or wrong; to disapprove of sth: I disagree with violent protests.
Collocation Dictionary


profoundly, sharply, strongly, vehemently
The only time we sharply disagreed was over the children's education.
| completely, entirely, totally
I disagree totally with this policy.
| fundamentally


be difficult to, be hard to, can/could hardly
When I pointed out that it had been her idea in the first place, she could hardly disagree.


Jack and Robert disagree about everything.
| on
We disagree on this matter.
| over
Ministers disagree over the scale of the changes.
| with
I disagree strongly with this idea. It is difficult to disagree with the chairman on this point.

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