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diminish /di'miniʃ/
  • động từ
    • bớt, giảm, hạ bớt, giảm bớt; thu nhỏ
      • to diminish someone's powers: giảm bớt quyền hành của ai
Concise Dictionary
+decrease in size, extent, or range
+lessen the authority, dignity, or reputation of

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 decrease, decline, abate, lessen, reduce, lower, shrink, curtail, contract, lop, crop, dock, clip, prune, cut, truncate, cut down, abbreviate, shorten, abridge, compress, condense, pare (down), scale down, boil down:
As the height increases, the pressure diminishes. The need for police patrols was diminished when we hired security guards.
2 belittle, disparage, degrade, downgrade, discredit, detract (from), vitiate, debase, deprecate, demean, derogate, depreciate, vilipend, devalue, cheapen, put down, dismiss, humiliate, demean, reject:
His abuse by the authorities did not diminish him in her eyes.
3 wane, fade, dwindle, ebb, die out or away, peter out, recede, subside; slacken, let up, wind down, slow (down), ease (off), Colloq run out of steam:
Soaking in the hot water, I felt the tensions of mind and body gradually diminishing. The campaign finally diminished to a negligible effort.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 to become or to make sth become smaller, weaker, etc.
[V] The world's resources are rapidly diminishing. + His influence has diminished with time. + Our efforts were producing diminishing returns (= we achieved less although we spent more time or money). [also VN]
2 [VN] to make sb/sth seem less important than they really are: I don't wish to diminish the importance of their contribution.

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