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different /'difrənt/
  • tính từ
    • khác, khác biệt, khác nhau
      • to be different from (to, than)...: khác nhau với...
    • tạp, nhiều
      • at different times: nhiều lần, nhiều phen
Concise Dictionary
+unlike in nature or quality or form or degree
+distinctly separate from the first
+differing from all others; not ordinary
+marked by dissimilarity
+distinct or separate

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 unlike, unalike, dissimilar, conflicting; contrary, discrete, contrastive, contrasting, disparate, divergent, diverse, distinct, opposite, separate, distinguishable; another or other:
We both enjoy boating but in different ways. When modelling, she assumes a different pose every few seconds.
2 unique, unusual, peculiar, odd, singular, particular, distinctive, personal, extraordinary, special, remarkable, bizarre, rare, weird, strange, unconventional, original, out of the ordinary; new, novel, exceptional, unheard-of:
And now, for something completely different, we present a juggling trick cyclist.
3 assorted, manifold, multifarious, numerous, abundant, sundry, various, varied, divers, many, several:
Different kinds of breakfast cereal are now available.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 ~ (from / to / than sb/sth) not the same as sb/sth; not like sb/sth else: American English is significantly different from British English. + (BrE) It's very different to what I'm used to. + (AmE) He saw he was no different than anybody else. + It's different now than it was a year ago. + People often give very different accounts of the same event. + My son's terribly untidy; my daughter's no different. + The room looks different without the furniture. + Now he spoke in a different and kinder voice.
Antonym: SIMILAR
2 [only before noun] separate and individual: She offered us five different kinds of cake. + The programme was about customs in different parts of the country. + They are sold in many different colours. + I looked it up in three different dictionaries.
3 [not usually before noun] (informal) unusual; not like other people or things: 'Did you enjoy the play?' 'Well, it was certainly different!'
differently adverb: Boys and girls may behave differently. + The male bird has a differently shaped head.
Idioms: a different kettle of fish (informal) a completely different situation or person from the one previously mentioned
different from / to / than
Different from is the most common structure in both BrE and AmE. Different to is also used in BrE: Paul's very different from/to his brother + This visit is very different from/to last time.
In AmE people also say different than: Your trains are different than ours. + You look different than before.
Before a clause you can also use different from (and different than in AmE): She looked different from what I'd expected. + She looked different than (what) I'd expected.
Collocation Dictionary


appear, be, feel, look, seem, sound, taste


very | distinctly, markedly, radically, significantly, strikingly
This school is radically different from most others.
| completely, entirely, quite, totally | rather, slightly | subtly
The same colour can appear subtly different on different types of paper.
| materially, qualitatively | refreshingly
a refreshingly different approach to language learning


Human beings are different from other animals.
| to
Their customs are very different to ours.

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