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diameter /dai'æmitə/
  • danh từ
    • (toán học) đường kính
    • số phóng to (của thấu kính...)
      • lens magnifying 20 diameters: thấu kính phóng to 20 lần
Concise Dictionary
+the length of a straight line passing through the center of a circle and connecting two points on the circumference
+a straight line connecting the center of a circle with two points on its perimeter (or the center of a sphere with two points on its surface)

Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 a straight line going from one side of a circle or any other round object to the other side, passing through the centre
Compare: RADIUS: the diameter of a tree trunk + The dome is 42.3 metres in diameter.
2 (technical) a measurement of the power of an instrument to MAGNIFY sth: a lens magnifying 300 diameters (= making sth look 300 times larger than it really is).
Collocation Dictionary


inside, internal
The tubes have an internal diameter of 2mm.
| external, outside | large, small


calculate, find, measure
He used similar triangles to calculate the diameter of the earth.
| have


in ~
The mirror is 25cm in diameter.

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