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dialogue /'daiəlɔg/ (duologue) /'djuəlɔg/
  • danh từ
    • cuộc đối thoại
    • đoạn văn đối thoại; tác phẩm đối thoại
Concise Dictionary
+a conversation between two persons
+the lines spoken by characters in drama or fiction
+a literary composition in the form of a conversation between two people
+a discussion intended to produce an agreement

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 duologue, conversation, discussion, conference, talk, chat, colloquy, communication:
I wrote down that dialogue - it was hilarious!
2 parley, conference, meeting, huddle, tête-à-tête, colloquy, Colloq US and Canadian rap session:
A meaningful dialogue between labour and management could easily settle the question.
Advanced English Dictionary
(AmE also dialog) noun [C, U]
1 conversations in a book, play, or film/movie: The novel has long descriptions and not much dialogue. + dialogues for language learners
2 a formal discussion between two groups or countries, especially when they are trying to solve a problem, end a dispute, etc: The President told waiting reporters there had been a constructive dialogue.
Collocation Dictionary


There needs to be a closer dialogue between management and staff.
| direct
The government refused to engage in direct dialogue with the terrorists.
| constructive, serious | political
a serious political dialogue


engage in, have, hold
Managers are willing to hold a dialogue with union leaders.
| begin, enter into, open | resume


~ about
dialogue about concrete issues
| ~ among
The head encourages a climate of open dialogue among the teachers.
| ~ between
the need for dialogue between the two sides in the dispute
| ~ on
a constructive dialogue on pay and working conditions
| ~ with
They have agreed to resume their dialogue with the teachers.

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