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devour /di'vauə/
  • ngoại động từ
    • ăn sống nuốt tươi; cắn xé, ăn ngấu nghiến
      • the lion devoured the deer: con sư tử xé xác con nai ăn ngấu nghiến
      • to devour the way: (thơ ca) phi nhanh nuốt lấy con đường (ngựa)
      • to devour every word: nuốt lấy từng lời
    • đọc ngấu nghiến; nhìn chòng chọc, nhìn như nuốt lấy, nhìn hau háu
      • to devour a book: đọc ngấu nghiến quyển sách
    • tàn phá, phá huỷ, thiêu huỷ
      • the fire devoured large areas of forest: lửa thiêu huỷ nhiều vùng rừng rộng
      • devoured by anxiety: bị nỗi lo âu giày vò
Concise Dictionary
+destroy completely
+enjoy avidly
+eat immoderately
+eat greedily

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 wolf (down), gulp (down), bolt, swallow (up), gorge, gobble (up), gormandize, cram, stuff, eat (up) greedily, Archaic gluttonize; Colloq Brit pig, US and Canadian pig out (on):
He was so hungry when he came in that he devoured two whole pies and a plate of chips.
2 consume, waste, destroy, wipe out, ravage, annihilate, demolish, ruin, wreak havoc (up)on, devastate, obliterate, eradicate:
A quarter of Europe was already devoured by the plague.
3 relish, revel in, absorb, be absorbed by; engulf, consume, drink in, eat up, swallow up, take in; swamp, overcome, overwhelm:
He eagerly devoured all of Dickens's novels. The sea devoured its victims silently.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb [VN]
1 to eat all of sth quickly especially because you are very hungry: He devoured half of his burger in one bite.
2 to read or look at sth with great interest and enthusiasm: She devoured everything she could lay her hands on:
books, magazines and newspapers.

3 (formal) to destroy sb/sth: Flames devoured the house.
Idioms: be devoured by sth to be filled with a strong emotion that seems to control you: She was devoured by envy and hatred.
Collocation Dictionary


eagerly, greedily, hungrily
He devoured the food greedily.
| quickly
The animal quickly devoured its prey.

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