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detach /di'tætʃ/
  • ngoại động từ
    • gỡ ra, tháo ra, tách ra, lấy riêng ra
      • to detach a stamp: gỡ tem ra
    • (quân sự) cắt (quân đội, tàu chiến...) đi làm nhiệm vụ riêng lẻ
Concise Dictionary
+cause to become detached or separated; take off
+separate (a small unit) from a larger, especially for a special assignment
+come to be detached

Thesaurus Dictionary
separate, uncouple, part, disjoin, disengage, disunite, disconnect, disentangle, free, unfasten, undo, cut off, remove:
She carefully detached the printer lead from the back of the computer.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 ~ (sth) (from sth) to remove sth from sth larger; to become separated from sth: [VN] Detach the coupon and return it as soon as possible + One of the panels had become detached from the main structure. + [V] The skis should detach from the boot if you fall.
2 [VN] ~ yourself (from sb/sth) (formal) to leave or separate yourself from sb/sth: She detached herself from his embrace. + (figurative) I tried to detach myself from the reality of these terrible events. + A figure in white detached itself from the shadows.
Compare: ATTACH
3 [VN] (technical) to send a group of soldiers, etc. away from the main group, especially to do special duties: Five destroyers were detached to carry out a bombardment of the port.

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