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despicable /'despikəbl/
  • tính từ
    • đáng khinh; ti tiện, hèn hạ
Concise Dictionary
+morally reprehensible
Thesaurus Dictionary
contemptible, below or beneath or beyond contempt or scorn or disdain, mean, detestable, base, low, scurvy, vile, sordid, wretched, miserable, ignoble, ignominious, shabby; shameful, shameless, reprehensible:
He is a thoroughly despicable person and you should have nothing more to do with him.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
(formal) very unpleasant or evil: a despicable act / crime + I hate you! You're despicable.
Collocation Dictionary


be, seem | condemn sth as, consider sth, find sth
Police have condemned the theft from an elderly widow as despicable. To fail was considered despicable.


absolutely, quite
It was an absolutely despicable thing to do.
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