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depict /di'pikt/
  • ngoại động từ ((cũng) depicture)
    • vẽ
    • tả, miêu tả
Concise Dictionary
+show in, or as in, a picture
+give a description of
+make a portrait of

Advanced English Dictionary
(rather formal)
1 to show an image of sb/sth in a picture: [VN] a painting depicting the Virgin and Child + [VN -ing] The artist had depicted her lying naked on a bed.
2 [VN] to describe sth in words, or give an impression of sth in words or with a picture: The novel depicts French society in the 1930s. + The advertisements depict smoking as glamorous and attractive.
depiction noun [U, C]: They object to the movie's depiction of gay people.
Collocation Dictionary


The book vividly depicts French society of the 1930s.

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