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dependence /di'pendəns/
  • danh từ
    • sự phụ thuộc, sự tuỳ thuộc, sự tuỳ theo; tính phụ thuộc
    • sự dựa vào, sự ỷ vào; sự nương tựa; chỗ dựa, chỗ nương tựa (để sống)
      • to be someone's dependence: là chỗ nương dựa của ai
    • sự tin, sự tin cậy
      • to put dependence on somebody: tin cậy ở ai
      • to place dependence upon someone's words: tin vào lời nói của ai
Concise Dictionary
+lack of independence or self-sufficiency
+being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming (especially alcohol or narcotic drugs)

Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [U]
1 ~ (on / upon sb/sth) the state of needing the help and support of sb/sth in order to survive or be successful: his dependence on his parents + Our relationship was based on mutual dependence. + the dependence of Europe on imported foods + financial / economic dependence
2 (also dependency) the state of being ADDICTED to sth (= unable to stop taking or using it): drug / alcohol dependence
3 ~ of A and B (technical) the fact of one thing being affected by another: the close dependence of soil and landforms
Collocation Dictionary

1 needing sb's help/support


great, heavy
a heavy dependence on imported materials
| absolute, complete, total
his total dependence on his family
| continuing, growing, increased, increasing
The country has a growing dependence on foreign aid.
| excessive | mutual
Their relationship is based on a strong mutual dependence.
| economic, financial | emotional, physical, psychological


have | reduce
The government wants to reduce industry's dependence on coal.


~ on/upon
her economic dependence on her husband

2 being addicted to sth


alcohol, drug, nicotine, etc.


~ on
dependence on alcohol

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