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departure /di'pɑ:tʃə/
  • danh từ
    • sự rời khỏi, sự ra đi, sự khởi hành
      • to take one's departure: ra đi, lên đường
    • sự sao lãng (nhiệm vụ); sự đi trệch (hướng), sự lạc (đề)
    • (từ lóng) sự chệch hướng; sự đổi hướng
      • a new departure in politics: một hướng mới về chính trị
    • (định ngữ) khởi hành; xuất phát
      • departure position: vị trí xuất phát
Concise Dictionary
+act of departing
+a variation that deviates from the standard or norm
+euphemistic expressions for death

Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [C, U] ~ (from ...) the act of leaving a place; an example of this: His sudden departure threw the office into chaos. + Flights should be confirmed 48 hours before departure. + They had received no news of him since his departure from the island.
2 [C] a plane, train, etc. leaving a place at a particular time: arrivals and departures + All departures are from Manchester. + the departure lounge / time / gate + the departures board
3 [C] a ~ (from sth) an action that is different from what is usual or expected: It was a radical departure from tradition. + Their latest single represents a new departure for the band.
Idioms see POINT n.
Collocation Dictionary

1 leaving/going away from a place


abrupt, sudden
Everyone was a bit puzzled by her sudden departure.
| hasty, speedy | early | imminent, impending
The guard blew his whistle to warn of the train's imminent departure.
| flight
The last check-in time is 45 minutes before flight departure.


He made a hasty departure.
| hasten
Her row with the MD probably hastened her departure.
| delay


Atocha station was the departure point for our tour.
| date | gate, lounge
We sat in the departure lounge waiting for our flight to be called.


before ~, prior to ~
You should receive your flight tickets at least a week prior to departure.
| on ~
All visitors must sign the book on arrival and again on departure.
| ~ for
his departure for Naples
| ~ from
her departure from London


the day/time of departure, the point of departure
(figurative) The author takes Freud's dream theories as the point of departure for his essay.

2 sth different from what is usual/expected


fresh, new | dramatic, fundamental, major, radical, revolutionary, significant


be, mark, represent


~ from
This document marks a radical departure from earlier recommendations.

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