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dentist /'dentist/
  • danh từ
    • thầy thuốc chữa răng
    • thợ trồng răng
Concise Dictionary
+a person qualified to practice dentistry
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 (also formal dental surgeon) a person whose job is to take care of people's teeth
2 (dentist's) a place where a dentist sees patients: an appointment at the dentist's
Collocation Dictionary


good | qualified, registered | NHS, private


register with
She couldn't get treatment because she wasn't registered with the dentist.

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practitioners be, practise as ~
He practises as a clinical psychologist.

a dentist, doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapistDo you have a family doctor?

need ~
She took good care of her teeth and never needed a dentist.

find ~
What's the best way to find a therapist?

consult, go to, see, visit ~
I think you ought to see a psychologist.

refer sb to ~
referring patients to a specialist

~ practise
doctors who practise from home

~ examine sb/sth, see sb
I had an ear, nose and throat specialist examine my sinuses. The doctor will see you now.

~ treat sb/sth
He is being treated by the physiotherapist.

~ advise sb/sth
The optician has advised that I wear contact lenses.

a dentist, doctor, psychiatrist, specialist

prescribes (sb) sth
The psychiatrist prescribed anti-depressants.

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