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defy /di'fai/
  • ngoại động từ
    • thách, thách thức, thách đố
    • bất chấp, coi thường, không tuân theo
      • to defy public opinion: coi thường dư luận quần chúng
      • to defy the law: không tôn trong luật pháp, coi thường pháp luật
    • gây khó khăn không thể vượt qua được; làm cho không thể được; không sợ, chấp tất cả
      • the problem defies solution: vấn đề không thể giải quyết được
      • to defy every attack: chấp tất cả mọi cuộc tấn công
Concise Dictionary
+resist or confront with resistance
+elude, especially in a baffling way

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 challenge, dare, face, confront, brave, stand up to, flout, brazen out, thumb one's nose at, Colloq Brit cock a snook at:
The defendant defied the prosecutor to prove the allegations.
2 frustrate, thwart, baffle, resist, withstand, repel, disobey, repulse:
Her feats of legerdemain defy the imagination. Copeley has invented a device that defies the law of gravity.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb (defies, defying, defied, defied) [VN]
1 to refuse to obey or show respect for sb in authority, a law, a rule, etc: I wouldn't have dared to defy my teachers. + Hundreds of people today defied the ban on political gatherings.
2 ~ belief, explanation, description, etc. to be impossible or almost impossible to believe, explain, describe, etc: a political move that defies explanation + The beauty of the scene defies description.
3 to successfully resist sb/sth to a very unusual degree: The baby boy defied all the odds and survived (= stayed alive when it seemed certain that he would die).
defy v.
defiance n.
defiant adj.
Collocation Dictionary


openly defying the authorities


be prepared to, be ready to
Campaigners have said that they are prepared to defy the law in order to achieve their aims.
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