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deceit /di'si:t/
  • danh từ
    • sự lừa dối, sự đánh lừa, sự lừa đảo, sự lừa gạt
    • bề ngoài giả dối
    • mưu gian, mánh lới, mánh khoé gian dối
Concise Dictionary
+the quality of being fraudulent
+a misleading falsehood
+the act of deceiving

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 deception, deceitfulness, fraud, fraudulence, cheating, trickery, chicanery or chicane, dissimulation, dishonesty, misrepresentation, double-dealing, duplicity, hypocrisy, treachery, underhandedness, guile, craft, slyness, craftiness, cunning, knavery, funny business, Colloq hanky-panky, monkey business:
Inside traders on the Stock Exchange profit enormously from deceit.
2 trick, subterfuge, stratagem, ploy, ruse, manoeuvre, artifice, wile, hoax, swindle, double-cross, misrepresentation, pretence, sham, contrivance, shift, confidence trick, subreption, gloze, Brit dialect or Colloq US flam; Colloq flimflam; Slang scam, con, con trick, con game:
She was sick of all his lies and deceits.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
[U, C] dishonest behaviour that is intended to make sb believe sth that is not true; an example of this behaviour: He was accused of lies and deceit. + Everyone was involved in this web of deceit. + Their marriage was an illusion and a deceit.

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