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death /deθ/
  • danh từ
    • sự chết; cái chết
      • natural death: sự chết tự nhiên
      • a violent death: cái chết bất đắc kỳ tử
      • to be st death's door: sắp chết, kề miệng lỗ
      • to be in the jaws of death: trong tay thần chết
      • wounded to death: bị tử thương
      • tired to death: mệt chết được
      • to put to death: giết
      • to catch one's death of cold: cảm lạnh chết
      • this will be the death of me: cái đó làm tôi chết mất
      • death penalty: án tử hình
      • death anniversary: kỷ niệm ngày mất, ngày giỗ
    • sự tiêu tan, sự tan vỡ, sự kết liễu, sự chấm dứt
      • the death of one's hopes: sự tiêu tan hy vọng
      • the death of one's plants: sự tan vỡ kế hoạch
    • to be death on...
      • (thông tục) thạo bắn (thú, chim...); thạo, giỏi, cừ (về cái gì...)
    • yêu thiết tha, yêu say đắm, yêu mê mệt (cái gì...)
    • to be in at the death
      • được mục kích cái chết của con cáo (săn cáo)
    • (nghĩa bóng) được mục kích sự sụp đổ của một công cuộc
      • better a glorious death than a shameful life: (tục ngữ) thà chết vinh còn hơn sống nhục
    • to cling (hold on) like grim death
      • bám không rời, bám chặt
    • bám một cách tuyệt vọng
    • death is the grand leveller
      • (tục ngữ) chết thì ai cũng như ai
    • death pays all debts
      • death quits all scores
        • death squares all accounts
          • chết là hết nợ
        • to meet one's death
          • (xem) meet
        • to snatch someone from the jaws of death
          • (xem) snatch
        • sudden death
          • cái chết bất thình lình
        • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (từ lóng) rượu rất nặng; uýtky rẻ tiền
        • to tickle to death
          • làm chết cười
        • to the death
          • cho đến chết, cho đến hơi thở cuối cùng
        • to fight to the death for communism: chiến đấu đến hơi thở cuối cùng cho chủ nghĩa cộng sản
Concise Dictionary
+the event of dying or departure from life
+the permanent end of all life functions in an organism or part of an organism
+the time at which life ends; continuing until dead
+the personification of death
+the absence of life or state of being dead
+the time when something ends
+the act of killing
+a final state

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 demise, decease, passing, dying, end:
She was overcome with grief at the news of his death.
2 end, termination, cessation, expiration, expiry:
Nobody mourned the death of the bill in the lower house.
3 end, finish, termination; extinction, destruction, extermination, annihilation, eradication, obliteration, eradication, extirpation, liquidation, ruin, downfall, undoing:
The invasion marked the death of the Roman Empire.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [C] the fact of sb dying or being killed: a sudden / violent / peaceful death + the anniversary of his wife's death + an increase in deaths from cancer + He died a slow and painful death.
2 [U] the end of life; the state of being dead: Two children were burnt to death in the fire (= they died as a result of the fire). + He's drinking himself to death (= so that it will kill him). + Police are still trying to establish the cause of death. + Do you believe in life after death? + a death camp (= a place where prisoners are killed, usually in a war) + He was sentenced to death (= to be executed).
3 [U] ~ of sth the permanent end or destruction of sth: the death of all my plans + the death of communism
4 (also Death) [U] (literary) the power that destroys life, imagined as human in form: Death is often shown in paintings as a human skeleton. + Death marched in and took him away.
Idioms: at death's door (often humorous) so ill that you may die: I suppose you won't be coming to the party if you're at death's door!
be the death of sb to worry or upset sb very much: Those kids will be the death of me.
do sth to death to do or perform sth so often that people become tired of seeing or hearing it: That joke's been done to death.
frighten / scare sb to death to frighten sb very much: Spiders frighten him to death.
look / feel like death warmed up (BrE) (AmE like death warmed over) (spoken) to look or feel very ill or tired
put sb to death to kill sb as a punishment
Synonym: EXECUTE
The prisoner will be put to death at dawn.
to death extremely; very much: to be bored / frightened / scared / worried to death + I'm sick to death of your endless criticism.
to the death until sb is dead: a fight to the death
more at CATCH v., CHEAT v., DICE v., DIE v., FATE, FIGHT v., FLOG, GRIM, KISS n., LIFE, MATTER n.
Collocation Dictionary


early, premature, untimely
The president's untimely death has thrown the country into chaos.
| sudden, unexpected | immediate, instant | quick | slow | approaching, imminent, impending | certain
He had been miraculously saved from almost certain death.
| terrible | tragic
the tragic death of their son
| mysterious, suspicious
Police are not treating the death as suspicious.
| natural, unnatural | accidental
a verdict of accidental death
| violent
Police report a decrease in violent deaths.
| painful | cot, road | living
(figurative) the living death of captivity


bring, cause, lead to, mean, result in
the drivers who bring death to our roads Poor living conditions can lead to early death. Touching the wires means instant death. The brutal attack resulted in the man's death. | die, face, meetShe died a slow and painful death. He met his death two years later.
| contemplate | risk | fear | approach, be near, near | cheat, escape
He escaped death by inches when a tree fell on his tent.
| save sb from | mourn
mourning the death of their daughter
| bleed to, burn to, choke to, freeze to, starve to | condemn sb to, sentence sb to | batter sb to, beat sb to, burn sb to, choke sb to, club sb to,
crush sb to, flog sb to, hack sb
to, kick sb to, put sb to, stab sb to, stone sb to, torture sb to,
trample sb to | be
punishable/punished by
Incest was punishable by death. Your next of kin will receive death benefit if you die in an accident.
| duties
After the death duties had been paid, there was little money left for the family.
| threat
The actor has received death threats since appearing in the controversial film.
| wish
He took drugs as if he had some kind of death wish.
| agonies, throes
The snake was writhing in its death agonies.

(figurative) By 1740 European feudalism was in its death throes.

| bed
On his deathbed, my father made me promise not to sell the house.
| squad
Paramilitary death squads are rumoured to be operating in the area.
| warrant
(often figurative) By publicly condemning the terrorists he was signing his own death warrant.
| camp
He died as a prisoner of war in an enemy death camp.


after (sb's) ~
Do you believe in life after death?
| at ~
(formal) The average age at death of plague victims was 14.
| before (sb's) ~, in ~
His face looked more peaceful in death than it had during his last days.
| near (to) ~
It was clear that the dog was near death.
| on sb's ~
On Samuel's death, the farm passed to his sons.
| ~ by
death by starvation
| ~ from
Two deaths from cholera have been reported.


cause of death
The coroner said the cause of death was a stroke.
| a matter of life and/or death
Fulfilling orders on time is a matter of life and death for a small company.
| sentence of death
Four prisoners were under sentence of death.


come, happen, occur
Her death came at the age of 82. More deaths occur in winter.
| result from
deaths resulting from disease


The government's campaign aims to cut the death rate from heart attacks.
| toll
The death toll in the earthquake has been put at over one thousand.
| penalty, sentence
If found guilty of drug trafficking, the pair could face the death penalty.
| row
There are currently over 3,000 prisoners on death row.
| certificate | benefit

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