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day /dei/
  • danh từ
    • ban ngày
      • the sun gives us light during the day: ban ngày mặt trời cho ta ánh sáng
      • by day: ban ngày
      • it was broad day: trời đã sáng rõ; giữa ban ngày
      • at break of day: lúc bình minh, lúc rạng đông
      • in the blaze of day; in the full light of day: đứng giữa trưa, giữa ban ngày
      • clear as day: rõ như ban ngày
      • the eye of day: mặt trời
    • ngày
      • solar (astronimical, nautical) day: ngày mặt trời (tính từ 12 giờ trưa);
      • civil day: ngày thường (tính từ 12 giờ đêm)
      • every other day; day about: hai ngày một lần
      • the present day: hôm nay
      • the day after tomorow: ngày kia
      • the day before yesterday: hôm kia
      • one day: một hôm; một lần; một ngày nào đó
      • one of these days: một ngày nào đó (trong tương lai)
      • some day: một ngày nào đó
      • the other day: hôm nọ, hôm trước; cách đây không lâu, mới rồi
      • day in, day out: ngày ngày, ngày lại ngày
      • day by; day after day; from day to day: ngày nọ kế tiếp ngày kia, ngày này qua ngày khác
      • all day long: suốt ngày
      • every day: hằng ngày
      • three times a day: mỗi ngày ba lần
      • far in the day: gần hết ngày, đã xế chiều
      • the first day [of the week]: ngày chủ nhật
      • day of rest: ngày nghỉ
      • day off: ngày nghỉ (của người đi làm)
      • at-home day: ngày tiếp khách ở nhà
      • day out: ngày đi chơi
      • this day week: ngày này tuần trước; ngày này tuần sau
      • this day month: ngày này tháng trước; ngày này tháng sau
    • ngày lễ, ngày kỷ niệm
      • the International Women's Day: ngày Quốc tế phụ nữ (8 3)
      • the International Children's Day: ngày Quốc tế thiếu nhi (1 6)
    • (số nhiều) thời kỳ, thời đại, thời buổi
      • in these days: ngày nay, thời buổi này
      • in the old days; in the days of old (yore): thời xưa
      • in the school days: thời tôi còn đi học
      • in the days ahead (to come): trong tương lai
    • thời, thời kỳ hoạt động, thời kỳ phồn vinh; thời kỳ thanh xuân; đời người
      • to have had (seen) one's day: thời kỳ thanh xuân đã qua rồi, già mất quá rồi; quá thời rồi
      • to the end of one's day: cho đến tận cuối đời, cho đến tận lúc chết
      • one's early days: thời kỳ thơ ấu
      • chair days: thời kỳ già nua
      • his day is gone: nó hết thời rồi
      • his days are numbered: đời hắn chỉ còn tính từng ngày, hắn gần kề miệng lỗ rồi
    • ngày thi đấu, ngày giao chiến; sự chiến thắng, sự thắng lợi
      • to carry (win) the day: thắng, thắng trận
      • to lose the day: thua, thua trận
      • the day is ours: chúng ta đã thắng
    • (địa lý,địa chất) mặt ngoài; vỉa nằm sát mặt đất
    • as the day is long
      • đặc biệt, vô hạn, vô cùng, hết sức
    • to be as happy as the day is long: vô cùng sung sướng
    • to be as industrious as the day is long: hết sức cần cù
    • to be on one's day
      • sung sức
    • between two days
      • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) ban đêm
    • to call it a day
      • (thông tục) thế là xong một ngày làm việc; thế là công việc trong ngày đã hoàn thành
    • to come a day before the fair
      • đến sớm (không bỏ lỡ cơ hội)
    • to come a day after the fair
      • đến muộn (bỏ lỡ mất cơ hội)
    • the creature of a day
      • cái phù du, cái nhất thời; người nổi tiếng một thời
    • fallen on evil days
      • sa cơ lỡ vận
    • to end (close) one's days
      • chết
    • every dog has his day
      • (tục ngữ) không ai là phải chịu cảnh khổ mãi; (ai giàu ba họ) ai khó ba đời
    • to give somebody the time of day
      • chào hỏi ai
    • if a day
      • không hơn, không kém; vừa đúng
    • she is fifty if she is a day: bà ta vừa tròn 50 tuổi
    • it's all in the day's work
      • đó chỉ là chuyện thông thường vẫn làm hằng ngày thôi
    • to keep one's day
      • đúng hẹn
    • dành riêng ngày để tiếp khách (trong tuần)
    • to know the time of day
      • tỉnh táo; khôn ngoan, láu cá
    • to live from day to day
      • sống lay lất, sống lần hồi qua ngày
    • to make a day of it
      • hưởng một ngày vui
    • men of the day
      • những người của thời cuộc
    • to name the days
      • (xem) name
    • red-letter day
      • (xem) red-letter
Concise Dictionary
+time for Earth to make a complete rotation on its axis
+some point or period in time
+the time after sunrise and before sunset while it is light outside
+a day assigned to a particular purpose or observance
+the recurring hours when you are not sleeping (especially those when you are working)
+an era of existence or influence
+a period of opportunity
+the period of time taken by a particular planet (e.g. Mars) to make a complete rotation on its axis
+the time for one complete rotation of the earth relative to a particular star, about 4 minutes shorter than a mean solar day
+United States writer best known for his autobiographical works (1874-1935)

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 daytime, daylight, broad daylight, light of day:
Sunrise quickly turned night into day.
2 time, hour, age, period, era, epoch, date, prime, heyday; lifetime:
Her day will come. In his day, there was no telephone.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [C] a period of 24 hours: I saw Tom three days ago. + 'What day is it today?' 'Monday.' + We're going away in a few days / in a few days' time. + They left the day before yesterday (= two days ago). + We're meeting the day after tomorrow (= in two days). + New Year's Day + Take the medicine three times a day. + We can't go there today. You can go another day.
2 [U] the time between when it becomes light in the morning and when it becomes dark in the evening: The sun was shining all day. + I could sit and watch the river all day long. + He works at night and sleeps during the day. + Nocturnal animals sleep by day and hunt by night.
3 [C, usually sing.] the hours of the day when you are awake, working, etc: a seven-hour working day + It's been a long day (= I've been very busy). + Did you have a good day? + She didn't do a full day's work. + I took a half day off yesterday. + (AmE) Have a nice day!
See also - WORKDAY
4 [C, usually pl.] a particular period of time or history: in Queen Victoria's day + the early days of computers + Most women stayed at home in those days. + (spoken) in the old days (= in the past)
Help Note: There are many other compounds ending in day. You will find them at their place in the alphabet.
Idioms: all in a day's work part of your normal working life and not unusual
any day (now) (spoken) very soon: The letter should arrive any day now.
carry / win the day (formal) to be successful against sb/sth: Despite strong opposition, the ruling party carried the day.
day after day each day repeatedly (used especially when sth is boring or annoying): She hates doing the same work day after day.
day by day all the time; a little at a time and gradually: Day by day his condition improved.
day in, day out every day for a long period of time: Living on junk food day in day out is not good for you.
a day of reckoning the time when sb will have to deal with the result of sth that they have done wrong, or be punished for sth bad that they have done
sb's / sth's days are numbered a person or thing will not continue to live, exist or be successful for much longer: His days as leader of the party are numbered. + Whatever the protests, the school's days are numbered and it will be closed down.
from day one (spoken) from the beginning: It's never worked from day one. + This game makes reading and spelling fun from day one.
from day to day
1 with no thoughts or plans for the future: They live from day to day, looking after their sick daughter.
2 if a situation changes from day to day, it changes often: A baby's need for food can vary from day to day.
from one day to the next if a situation changes from one day to the next, it is uncertain and not likely to stay the same each day: I never know what to expect from one day to the next.
have had your day to no longer be successful, powerful, etc: She's had her day as a supermodel.
have seen / known better days (humorous) to be in poor condition: Our car has seen better days!
if he's, she's, etc. a day (spoken) (used when talking about sb's age) at least: He must be 70 if he's a day!
in sb's day
1 during the part of sb's life when they were most successful, famous, etc: She was a great dancer in her day.
2 when sb was young: In my day, there were plenty of jobs when you left school. + In Grandfather's day, owning a television was very unusual.
in this day and age now, in the modern world
it's not sb's day (spoken) used when several unfortunate or unpleasant things happen on the same day: My car broke down and then I locked myself out-it's just not my day!
make sb's day to make sb feel very happy on a particular day: The phone call from Mike really made my day.
make a day of it (spoken) to make a particular enjoyable activity last for a whole day instead of only part of it: We took a picnic lunch to the river and made a day of it.
not have all day to not have much time: Come on! We don't have all day!
of sb's day during a particular period of time when sb lived: the best writer / actor / player of his day + Bessie Smith was the Madonna of her day.
of the day that is served on a particular day in a restaurant: soup of the day
one day at some time in the future, or on a particular day in the past: One day, I want to leave the city and move to the country. + One day, he walked out of the house with a small bag and never came back.
one of these days before a long time has passed: One of these days you'll come back and ask me to forgive you.
one of those days (spoken) a day when there are a lot of mistakes and a lot of things go wrong: It's been one of those days!
some day at an unknown time in the future: Some day I'll be famous.
take it / things one day at a time (spoken) to not think about what will happen in the future: I don't know if he'll get better. We're just taking it one day at a time.
that'll be the day (spoken, ironic) used when you are saying that sth is very unlikely to happen: Paul? Apologize? That'll be the day!
these days (spoken) used to talk about the present, especially when you are comparing it with the past: These days kids grow up so quickly.
those were the days (spoken) used to suggest that a time in the past was happier or better than now
to the day exactly: It's been three years to the day since we met.
to this day even now, when a lot of time has passed: To this day, I still don't understand why he did it.
more at BORN, BREAK n., CALL v., CLEAR adj., COLD adj., DEED, DOG n., EARLY adj., END n., END v., FORTH, GIVE v., HIGH adj., LATE adv., LIVE, LIVELONG, NICE, NIGHT, OLD, ORDER n., OTHER adj., PASS v., PLAIN adj., RAINY, ROME, SALAD, SAVE v.
Collocation Dictionary

1 period of 24 hours


the following, (the) next | the previous | the other
I was in your area the other day (= recently).
| one, some
I hope we meet again some day.
| the very
It happened on the very day (= the same day)that Kemp was murdered. The parcel arrived the very next day.
| auspicious, big, eventful, field, historic, memorable, red-letter, special
The tabloid press had a field day with the latest government scandal.
| fateful, sad
those killed in the hail of bullets fired on that fateful day
| Christmas, Mother's, etc. | feast, holy | election, opening, market, pay, polling, sports, visiting, wedding | rest, school, study, training
the pattern of the school day


He thought of her less as the days passed.


by the ~
He's getting stronger by the day.
| for a/the ~
They stayed for ten days.
| in a/the ~
We hope to finish the job in a few days.
| on the ~ (of)
On the day of his wedding he was very nervous.
| ~ of
It was the day of the big match.

2 time between sunrise and sunset


beautiful, bright, fine, glorious, hot, nice, sunny, warm | cold, grey, rainy, windy | autumn, spring, summer/summer's, winter/winter's
a fine summer's day
| fun, good, great, happy, lovely, wonderful
Memories of happy days on the hills never fade.
| bad
On a bad day chaos reigns and nobody can predict when a plane will leave.
| full
I knew I had a full day's driving ahead of me.


We spent the day gardening.


break, dawn
As day dawned I found her already hard at work.


by ~
We travelled at night and rested by day.
| during the ~, for a/the ~
We went to the seaside for the day.


all day (long), at the end of the day, day and night, one of those days
It's been one of those days when everything's gone wrong.

3 hours of the day when you work


working | bad, busy, hard, long, tiring
a hard day at the office
| good, quiet | 7-hour, 8-hour, etc.
a 9-hour working day


a good day's work

4 (often days) particular period of time


early, former, old, olden
in the early days of the cinema
| school, student, young
in his younger days
| golden, happy, heady
the heady days of the ‘swinging sixties’
| dark
the dark days of recession


in sb's ~
Things were very different in my grandfather's day.
| of the ~
the government of the day
| since the ~s of
Much has changed since the days of my youth.


gone are the days when …
Gone are the days when you could do a week's shopping and still have change from £20.
| the bad/good old days
That was in the bad old days of rampant inflation.
| in this day and age, in those days, the present day
(= the situation that exists in the world now)a study of European drama, from Ibsen to the present day
| these days
Kids grow up so quickly these days.
| those were the days
(= used to suggest that a time in the past was better than now)

More information about DAYS


of the week last, next, that, this (coming) ~ ~ last/next (week)
The concert is this coming Wednesday. Are you free next Thursday? She's arriving on Friday next.

the ~ before, the previous ~
I'd been paid the previous Friday.

the following ~
She was due to start work the following Monday.

~ of last/next/that/this week
He arrived on Monday of last week.

the ~ before last
We came here the Tuesday before last.

~ week, a week on ~
I've bought tickets for Thursday week (= for the performance that is seven days after Thursday).

the first/second/third/last ~ in/of the month
The museum is free on the last Sunday of every month.

alternate ~s, each, every ~
The competition is fixed for alternate Wednesdays.

all day ~
The restaurant is closed all day Saturday.

~ afternoon, evening, morning, night, etc.
I'll see you on Friday evening. Saturday lunchtimes are very busy in the restaurant.

first thing (on) ~
I'll post it first thing on Monday morning.

late (on) ~
The crash occurred late on Tuesday night.

one ~ (written)
One Saturday morning, without telling anyone of my plan, I boarded a bus and headed out.

spend ~
She liked to spend Saturday afternoon shopping.

see sb ~ (informal)
So I'll see you Monday, then?

manage ~ (informal)
I could manage (= meet you on) Tuesday, say 11.30?

open/closed (on) ~
We're open every day except Sunday.

~ arrive, come, dawn (written)
Monday dawned still and misty, with a promise of autumn sunshine.

on (a) ~
A public meeting is to be held on Wednesday at the town hall.She was born on a Sunday.I like to just relax on Saturdays.

between ~ and ~ (from) ~ to ~
The ticket office is open until 5 p.m. Monday to Friday.

by, no later than ~
Entries are to arrive no later than Monday, 1 October. A special meeting is arranged for Friday 17 May.

~'s deadline, election, game, meeting, performance, race, etc.
He was not present at Tuesday's meeting.

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