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dare /deə/
  • danh từ
    • sự dám làm
    • sự thách thức
      • to take a dare: nhận lời thách
  • ngoại động từ (dared, durst; dared)
    • dám, dám đương đầu với
      • he did not dare to come; he dared not come: nó không dám đến
      • how dare you speak like this?: tại sao anh dám nói như vậy?
      • to dare any danger: dám đương đầu với bất cứ nguy hiểm nào
    • thách
      • I dare you to do it: tôi thách anh làm điều đó
    • I dare say
      • tôi dám chắc
    • I dare swear
      • tôi dám chắc là như vậy
Concise Dictionary
+a challenge to do something dangerous or foolhardy
+take upon oneself; act presumptuously, without permission
+to be courageous enough to try or do something

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 challenge, defy, provoke; throw down the gauntlet:
She dared me to jump, so I jumped.
2 risk, hazard, gamble, venture, face, make bold, be so bold as:
I would never dare to talk to my father that way.
3 challenge, provocation, taunt; ultimatum:
She took the dare and swam across the lake.
Advanced English Dictionary
verb, noun
+ verb
1 (not usually used in the progressive tenses) to be brave enough to do sth: She said it as loudly as she dared. + He didn't dare (to) say what he thought. + They daren't ask for any more money. + (literary) She dared not breathe a word of it to anybody. + Dare to be different! + There was something, dare I say it, a little unusual about him.
2 to persuade sb to do sth dangerous, difficult or embarrassing so that they can show that they are not afraid: [VN] Go on! Take it! I dare you. + [VN to inf] Some of the older boys had dared him to do it. - MODAL
Idioms: Don't you dare! (spoken) used to tell sb strongly not to do sth: 'I'll tell her about it.' 'Don't you dare!' + Don't you dare say anything to anybody.
How dare you, etc. used to show that you are angry about sth that sb has done: How dare you talk to me like that? + How dare she imply that I was lying?
I dare say (also I daresay especially in BrE) used when you are saying that sth is probable: I dare say you know about it already.
+ noun [usually sing.] something dangerous, difficult or embarrassing that you try to persuade sb to do, to see if they will do it: (BrE) He climbed onto the roof for a dare. + (AmE) She learned to fly on a dare.
Dare (sense 1) usually forms negatives and questions like an ordinary verb and is followed by an infinitive with to. It is most common in the negative: I didn't dare to ask. + He won't dare to break his promise. + You told him? How did you dare? + I hardly dared to hope she'd remember me. In positive sentences a phrase like not be afraid is often used instead:
She wasn't afraid (= she dared) to tell him the truth.

It can also be used like a modal verb especially in present tense negative forms in BrE, and is fol-lowed by an infinitive without to: I daren't tell her the truth.
In spoken English, the forms of the ordinary verb are often used with an infinitve without to: Don't you dare tell her what I said! + I didn't dare look at him.
Collocation Dictionary


hardly, scarcely
I hardly dared breathe.


I wouldn't dare go by myself.

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