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dance /dɑ:ns/
  • danh từ
    • sự nhảy múa; sự khiêu vũ
    • bài nhạc nhảy; điệu nhạc khiêu vũ
    • buổi liên hoan khiêu vũ
    • to lead the dance
      • (xem) lead
    • to lend a person a pretty dance
      • gây khó khăn trở ngại cho ai; làm phiền ai
    • St Vitus'd dance
      • (y học) chứng múa giật
  • nội động từ
    • nhảy múa, khiêu vũ
    • nhảy lên, rộn lên; nhún nhảy, rung rinh, bập bềnh, rập rình
      • her heart danced with joy: lòng cô ta rộn lên sung sướng
      • to dance for joy: nhảy lên vì sung sướng
      • a boat dancing on the waves: con thuyền bập bềnh trên sóng
      • the leaves are dancing in the wind: lá cây rung rinh trong gió
  • nội động từ
    • nhảy
      • to dance the tango: nhảy điệu tăngô
    • làm cho nhảy múa
    • tung tung nhẹ, nhấc lên nhấc xuống
      • to dance a baby in one's arms: tung tung nhẹ em bé trong tay
    • to dance attendance upon somebody
      • phải chờ đợi ai lâu
    • luôn luôn theo bên cạnh ai
    • to dance away one's time
      • nhảy múa cho tiêu thời giờ
    • to dance onself into somebody's favour
      • nhờ nhảy múa mà chiếm được lòng yêu quý của ai
    • to dance one's head off
      • nhảy múa chóng cả mặt
    • to dance to somebody's pipes (whistle, tume, piping)
      • để cho ai xỏ mũi; để cho ai điều khiển
    • to dance on nothing
      • bị treo cổ
Concise Dictionary
+an artistic form of nonverbal communication
+a party of people assembled for dancing
+taking a series of rhythmical steps (and movements) in time to music
+a party for social dancing
+move in a graceful and rhythmical way
+move in a pattern; usually to musical accompaniment; do or perform a dance
+skip, leap, or move up and down or sideways

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 cavort, gambol, caper, skip, leap, romp, trip the light fantastic (toe), US cut a rug, sashay, Colloq bop, hoof it:
We danced for joy when we heard the news. Would you care to dance?
2 ball, social, dancing party, thé dansant, US tea dance, promenade, Colloq shindig or shindy, hop, bop, US and Canadian prom:
I have invited her to the dance on Saturday evening.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun
1 [C] a series of movements and steps that are usually performed to music; a particular example of these movements and steps: a dance class / routine + Find a partner and practise these new dance steps. + Do you know any other Latin American dances? + The next dance will be a waltz.
2 [U] the art of dancing, especially for entertainment: an evening of drama, music and dance + modern / classical dance + a dance company / troupe
3 [C] an act of dancing: Let's have a dance. + He did a little dance of triumph.
4 [C] a social event at which people dance: We hold a dance every year to raise money for charity.
5 [C] a piece of music for dancing to: The band finished with a few slow dances.
Idioms see LEAD?v., SONG
+ verb
1 [V] to move your body to the sound and rhythm of music: Do you want to dance? + He asked me to dance. + They stayed up all night singing and dancing. + They danced to the music of a string quartet. + Ruth danced all evening with Richard. + Ruth and Richard danced together all evening.
2 [VN] to do a particular type of dance: to dance the tango + to dance a waltz + He was so excited about the good news that he danced a little jig.
3 [V] to move in a lively way: The children danced around her. + The sun shone on the sea and the waves danced and sparkled. + The words danced before her tired eyes.
Idioms: dance attendance on sb (BrE, formal) to be with sb and do things to help and please them
dance the night away to dance for the whole evening or night
dance to sb's tune (BrE) to do whatever sb tells you to
Collocation Dictionary

1 series of steps/movements to music


little | fast, lively | slow, stately | traditional | ritual | ballroom, folk, square | rain | mating
pigeons performing their mating dance


dance, do, perform
In her delight she got up and did a little dance.
| have
May I have the next dance? I felt like having a dance.
| like
Would you like a dance?
| sit out
She had to sit out the last dance because of a twisted ankle.


music, rhythm | routine, sequence, step | class, teacher | floor, hall, studio

2 social meeting with dancing


barn | school | dinner, supper, tea


go to | hold




at a/the ~
They met at a dance.

3 dancing as a form of art/entertainment


contemporary, modern | classical


company, troupe


a school of dance, a style of dance



almost | wildly
They danced wildly down the street.
| about, around, away | together


ask sb to | want to


He was almost dancing for joy.
| to
We danced to the music.
| with
Will you dance with me?

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