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damn /dæm/
  • danh từ
    • lời nguyền rủa, lời chửi rủa
    • chút, tí, ít
    • I don't care a damn
      • (xem) care
    • not worth a damn
      • chẳng đáng nửa đồng, chẳng đáng một trinh
  • ngoại động từ
    • chê trách, chỉ trích; kết tội
      • to damn someone's character: chỉ trích tính nết của ai
      • to damn with feint praise: làm bộ khen để chỉ trích chê bai
    • chê, la ó (một vở kịch)
    • làm hại, làn nguy hại; làm thất bại
    • đày địa ngục, bắt chịu hình phạt đời đời, đoạ đày
    • nguyền rủa, chửi rủa
      • I'll be damned if I know: tớ mà biết thì tớ cứ chết (thề)
      • damn him!: thằng khốn kiếp!, thằng chết tiệt, quỷ tha ma bắt nó đi!
      • damn it!; damn your!; damn your eyesdamn: đồ trời đánh thánh vật!, quỷ tha ma bắt mày đi!, đồ khốn kiếp!
      • damn your impudence!: liệu hồn cái đồ xấc láo!
  • nội động từ
    • nguyền rủa, chửi rủa
Concise Dictionary
+something of little value
+wish harm upon; invoke evil upon
+used as expletives
+expletives used informally as intensifiers
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 condemn, criticize, find fault with, berate, castigate, upbraid, attack, blast, reprimand, reprove, remonstrate, denounce; blame:
Some would damn him for saving the murderer from drowning, others would damn him if he didn't.
2 doom, condemn, sentence:
Sisyphus was damned for all eternity to roll a heavy stone up a hill.
3 curse (at), swear (at), execrate:
I damned the day I first set foot in that house.
4 jot or tittle, brass farthing, Slang hoot, two hoots (in hell), Slang tinker's damn or cuss:
His opinion isn't worth a damn.
5 give a damn. care, mind, be concerned, worry, Slang give a hoot:
Why should he give a damn if the critics panned his play?
Advanced English Dictionary
exclamation, adjective, verb, adverb, noun
+ exclamation (also old-fashioned dammit damn it) (informal) a swear word that people use to show that they are annoyed, disappointed, etc: Oh damn! I forgot he was coming.
+ adjective (also damned) [only before noun] (informal)
1 a swear word that people use to show that they are annoyed with sb/sth: Where's that damn book! + The damned thing won't start! + It's none of your damn business! + He's a damn nuisance!
2 a swear word that people use to emphasize what they are saying: What a damn shame!
Idioms see THING
+ verb [VN]
1 used when swearing at sb/sth to show that you are angry: Damn you! I'm not going to let you bully me. + Damn this machine! Why won't it work?
2 (of God) to decide that sb must suffer in HELL
3 to criticize sb/sth very strongly: The film was damned by the critics for its mindless violence.
Idioms: damn the consequences, expense, etc. (spoken) used to say that you are going to do sth even though you know it may be expensive, have bad results, etc: Let's celebrate and damn the expense!
damn sb/sth with faint praise to praise sb/sth only a little, in order to show that you do not really like them/it
I'll be damned! (old-fashioned, spoken) used to show that you are very surprised about sth
I'm damned if ... (spoken) used to show that you refuse to do sth or do not know sth: I'm damned if I'll apologize! + I'm damned if I know who he is.
more at NEAR adv.
+ adverb (also damned) (informal)
1 a swear word that people use to show that they are annoyed with sb/sth: Don't be so damn silly! + What a damn stupid question! + You know damn well (= you know very well) what I mean! + I'll damn well leave tonight (= I am determined to).
2 a swear word that people use to emphasize what they are saying: damn good / clever / lucky + We got out pretty damned fast! + I'm damn sure she had no idea.
Idioms: damn all (BrE) nothing: I know damn all about computers.
+ noun
Idioms: not care / give a damn (about sb/sth) (informal) to not care at all about sb/sth
more at TINKER n.

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